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Arable land doesn’t only mean Food, it means wholesome, nourishing, tasty Food

Arable land is only a sliver of skin on this apple which represents planet Earth

Arable land is only a sliver of skin on this apple which represents planet Earth

As we continue to take an Inventory of our Earth, we step on to ‘land’. Our food is grown in the ‘earth’, actually in the very best of earth, the topsoil, the most fertile arable land area on earth. How much fertile land is there to feed a population of 7 billion people? If everyone ate just 2 meals a day, that’s 14 billion meals a day, 420 billion meals per month. Let’s compare Earth to an apple, which you can cut into pieces to see their relative sizes. What portion of the apple is arable land that feeds ALL of Earth’s population?

  • A massive 3/4 of the apple represents the oceans, lakes, rivers and other waterways.
  • A mere 1/4 represents the total land surface of which:
    •  1/8 represents half of the Earth’s land surface that is uninhabitable by people and impossible to grow crops: the freezing cold polar regions, boiling hot deserts, muddy swamps, and rocky, towering mountains.
    • 1/8 of the land on the surface of the Earth is fit for human habitation, of which:
      •  3/32 represent land on which people can subsist, but cannot grow food because of adverse conditions, rocks, abrupt slopes, adverse climate and temperatures or the soil maybe too poor to grow food. Much good land has also been transformed into cities, suburbs, villages, roads, airports, etc.
      •  1/32 is arable land that has the potential to grow the food needed to feed all the people on Earth.

The fragile thin apple peel of this 1/32 of all land represents the fertile topsoil, the rich earth that retains the moisture and restitutes its nutrients to the crops and plants that feed us and the animals. Fertile arable land represents but a sliver of a sliver of the apple, but that sliver is the breadbasket of mankind.

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