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Inner peace for every person you manage is an outstanding motivation for looking at and working with those people around you.

Inner peace for all citizens comes when rulership is that everyone benefits from the essentials.

Inner peace for all citizens comes when rulership is that everyone benefits from the essentials.

Inner peace is one of the most sought-after commodities today. Everyone yearns for peace of mind. Today’s turbulent society doesn’t seem to provide a sufficient quantity of this feeling of calm tranquility and satisfaction.
(Audit of Humankind, chapter 4.5)

This chapter discusses how humans rule our planet. How each of us rules their own little kingdom. No matter how old we are or whatever our intelligence, culture, and responsibilities, we oversee some part of planet Earth. As I write this, the tsunami warning system in Indonesia failed, adding to the hundreds of dead. For some survivors, maybe most, inner peace could be a sentiment of the past for an entire future lifetime with loss of family and property.

In France, the Gilets-Jaunes are in their sixth weekend of demonstrations. We’ve deplored another two deaths with a loss of inner peace for family and friends. President Macron has called for an end to the violence. In the USA government shutdown causes sorrow for government employees thrown out of their jobs. All because of the Southern border wall, which will put migrants in a state of inner turmoil. They’ve left their country, can’t get to the destination they want, and are rejected by the country they’re in. Three governments and uprooted people. What a shame, certainly no inner peace there.

With rulership in mind, we know what the basic needs of human beings are for them to feel safe and comfortable and lead reasonably stressless existences. Last week we touched on the most basic human needs to exist: food, water, and air. I grouped them together in three overseer governmental ministries, those of Land (food), Water, and Air.

Overseer because these Ministries have to focus on the big picture. When we contribute to a plastic bottle or bag ending up in the ocean we maybe think, “the ocean is huge, one item won’t affect it.” Well, one item + one item + one item = the Pacific garbage patch stuffed with plastic at a minimum the size of Texas. No Ministry oversaw that, No Ministry oversaw the state of any country’s Air or Land, set policies for corporations and individuals alike, and ENFORCED them.

Let alone on a worldwide basis. We know what type of government the nations and the world needs but WHERE and HOW can such rulership be instated and operated?

We know what type of government the nations and the world needs but WHERE and HOW can such rulership be instated and operated? Share on X

As part of these overall Ministries are those that must handle the more practical direct needs of the population. The prosperity that is related to your and my daily needs. How does each one of us recognize and feel prosperity in our personal life?


Here are three essential governmental agencies. Air is always there, oxygen is in abundant and permanent supply. Of the three essentials, this is the only one for which no particular community of personal intervention is needed. You can go anywhere and naturally breathe in the amount of air you need. Here, the problem is not supply but quality. Considering the amount of air available to our planet.

Considering the considerable resources of forests and zooplankton that are naturally available for the cycling of air, isn’t it amazing to think that humans can upset this pattern? That we have to come up with ideas to stock carbon dioxide in the ground. That we could spend millions and billions of dollars on gigantesque projects when really what we need is to preserve the forests and oceans we already have?

Shelter, Water, Food, Clothing

You cannot obtain shelter, food, and clothing that way. Animals are equipped to find and use these assets in their natural habitat. But humans have to put forth considerable effort in order to benefit from these basics. There’s an entire supply chain that includes manufacture and distribution in some form of all these human needs. Obviously, there’s free enterprise and commerce involved and we’ll broach that aspect next week. This is what every single individual needs to survive decently.

  • Shelter uses minerals from the ground, and trees transformed into lumber
  • Drinking revolves around water supply
  • Food is farming and raising animals.
  • Clothing employs materials from both animals and agriculture.

In our governmental hierarchal structure, we’ll find Ministries that will take care of people’s physical needs. Look at what those Ministries are accomplishing today. The Explanation refers to this as the Endeavors of Humankind. This is what and how the human mind has used the resources of planet Earth.

Ministry of Works

As part of this Ministry, we not only have individual works but collective infrastructure and maintenance of public buildings, roadworks, highways, canals, bridges, railroads, ports, airports… All of these parts of the running of a nation are created out of the limited raw materials of Earth and formed for the inner peace of Earth’s occupants. A government composed of rulers has to keep in mind both the departure and arrival points of their endeavors. Governments have not thought it through, now they’re applying band-aids. The result is a lack of inner peace.

Ministry of Agriculture, farms, livestock

It is estimated that some 800 million people in the world go hungry every day. It’s not my intention to say that government is responsible for this or any other situation. But we have to think about where such responsibility does lie. The Explanation refers to this as the Endeavors of Humankind. What and how the human mind is using the resources of planet Earth.

Along with shelter and water, the next essentials are clothing and food. This, in turn, is dependent on agriculture. How the land is used, protected, and fertilized. Earth is as good as it provides for its environment, including humankind. Earth has a life cycle that is chronobiologically integrated into other environmental life cycles, including that of humankind. When humans rule soil properly, it will yield abundantly, harvest after harvest, year after year. Manage it poorly and it dies and with it, a little bit of humankind’s inner peace.

Books have been written about the world’s food production capacity. The Explanation assessed both the need for preserving arable land (Inventory) and the state of agriculture (Audit). Every day brings us information about how we’re treating this particular source of our inner peace. Here’s an article from the Guardian. Makes you think and wonder!

An estimated 4-6 billion male chicks are slaughtered globally every year because they serve no economic purpose. Some are suffocated, others are fed alive into grinding or shredding machines to be processed into reptile food.

The culling is a messy solution to a thorny problem of modern poultry farming. Humans have bred chickens for one of two purposes: to produce eggs, or meat. Yet half of all the animals bred for this purpose are considered useless. Male chicks lay no eggs and don’t grow fast enough to justify the cost of feeding them up for meat. So, they are simply destroyed.

Here are just a few examples to do with agriculture. Some good, some bad. It doesn’t matter whether an individual, corporation or country is involved, what does matter is rulership for peace of mind for all.

The Vittel Case Vittel proves that changing agricultural practices benefits both the economy and individual lives. #theExplanation #AuditLand

Developing countries: The growing threat of urban waste dumps By 2025 it will be enough to fill a line of #rubbish trucks 5,000 kilometers long every day. This is a real down-to-conundrum. Some #cities have made great #progress to improve but globally who is facing this issue? #theExplanation #AuditPollution

The Plant Paradox: Are All Vegetables Good for Us? Healthy diets are not easy to come by, more controversy. But, Flora is the mainstay of all vibrant life … amazing how it’s an important piece in the inventory and Audit of our Earth. #theExplanation #AuditFlora

Farmed salmon are deaf – and now we know why Did you know: #Fish only eat and grow during the day, many #fishfarms expose their stock to bright lights 24 hours a day. I didn’t know that. When we don’t follow nature’s way there seems to always be a drawback somewhere … even if it takes us years to figure it out. Funny how #nature has a better way of doing things or is it? #theExplanation #AuditFauna

Inner peace starts by providing at least a minimum of all the basic needs of each human being. That means whatever shape or form a governing body takes, it must be able to assure proper air, shelter, water, food, and clothing for all its constituents. You do the Audit of the Universe. What is the state of the endeavors of humankind?

This blog post is an excerpt from chapter 4.5 of the book Audit of Humankind.


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