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Bible tools for personal study or attending a Bible study, which shall it be? Both are important, but let’s answer a question with a question: Is it better to give a hungry person a fish or teach them how to fish?

On this website you'll find free access to four basic Bible tools: 1-King James Bible, 2-Interlinear Bible, 3-Strong's Concordance, 4-Hebrew/Greek Concordance. These Bible tools will help you Dig for Bible Meaning.

On this website, you’ll find free access to four essential Bible tools: 1-King James Bible, 2-Interlinear Bible, 3-Strong’s Concordance, 4-Hebrew/Greek Concordance. These Bible tools will help you Dig for Bible Meaning.

You now have your answer to the above question. Personal Bible study to Unlock Bible Meaning, a method for deepening your understanding of Bible Meaning is the way to growth. Sure, if someone gives you a Bible answer, it’s helpful, but going fishing and pulling in that Bible answer is more rewarding and useful. In the end, or I should probably say, the beginning, you need to learn how to fish for yourself.
(Origin of the Universe, chapter 3.6)

Now, if you just happened to click on a link that brought you to this page, you might very well be wondering what this is all about. I would suggest that you take a few moments (it won’t take long) and go back to the beginning of this section by reading, in order: Why Theology?Sacred BooksThe Bible and Biblical HebrewStrong’s Concordance. These articles will give you the overview to put you at ease and allow you to follow along with the development of this vital subject.

Yes, you need guidance, but not to point you to Bible verses, you need the advice to learn how to find those Bible verses for yourself. One of the keys to a more profound Bible Meaning is learning how to use Bible tools. It involves rolling up your sleeves and learning how to do it.

Much different from just reading or quoting the Bible

How many Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter sites and groups are there with thousands of members, and all you see are Bible verses displayed with beautiful backgrounds and borders? How many people just read the Bible? Don’t get me wrong; reading is essential; it is helpful, indispensable… but what about going a little deeper, doing some careful study, and growing in knowledge and understanding?

How many are studying their Bibles but are bored? Or have hit a brick wall? Or have questions that haven’t received satisfactory answers? Or have been funneled into a belief because they haven’t asked the right questions?

In France, where I live, there’s a campaign called mangerbouger which I could translate by eatmove. The idea is to eat right and get some exercise. Well, we could apply that same slogan to our spiritual study lives: Proper Bible diet and proper Bible gymnastics with proper Bible tools.

Maybe it’s time to expand your horizons by upping your Bible diet and doing some Bible Gymnastics. When was the last time you did a real Bible workout rather than sitting in front of a Bible screen watching someone preach at you or pretty scrolling scriptures?

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The Explanation is all about active, participative learning.

On this website, you’ll find free access to four necessary Bible tools:

  1. King James Bible
  2. Interlinear Bible for the original Biblical Hebrew Masoretic text with its counterpart King James’ translation
  3. Strong’s Concordance is a multi-function Bible tool that fundamentally helps find various translations of the same Hebrew word and locate those words elsewhere in the Bible. Along with other functions, it will help us dig for Bible Meaning.
  4. An Englishman’s Concordance that I’m calling the Hebrew/Greek Concordance. It will help you locate all instances of the identical Hebrew/Greek word throughout the Bible. Hence, you can easily group and read all the contexts which include the same word–and see how the KJV translators rendered it.

Just click here right now, and you can immediately start using these Bible tools.

These Bible tools help you find all instances of the original Biblical Hebrew word along with its translation in the English King James Version. This is known as the Englishman's Concordance which I'm call the Hebrew Concordance.

These Bible tools help you find all instances of the original Biblical Hebrew word along with its translation in the English King James Version; this is known as the Englishman’s Concordance, which I’m calling the Hebrew Concordance.

My goal is to show you how to use these tools together to Unlock Bible Meaning. It is to show you how to enhance your study and comprehension by using not just our native language (English, French, etc.) But to be able to look at the Biblical Hebrew and see what it says, in comparison to whatever language we speak.

Hence the need for basic Bible tools: the Interlinear Bible and Strong’s Concordance.

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The goal isn’t to learn Hebrew, although you are going to learn some points of which you’re not aware. This method is not to memorize vocabulary or speak the language. Using these tools will help you better understand the meaning of the words of the Bible and, therefore, the plan of its a/Author.

I intend to help you learn how to fish. You need to go fishing for yourself, but you need a method so you can catch edible, healthy, nourishing fish. I don’t want you dieting on misunderstood and twisted vocabulary. That isn’t positive for your mental and spiritual health. It’s like mushrooms, they all look good on the outside, but you need knowledge and insight before you decide which ones to eat. With mushrooms, it is a matter of health and sickness and even life and death. Your spiritual health is that important, undoubtedly even more so.

This teaching method is designed to help you think about points that you’ve never thought of before. As one wise man said, That which I see not, teach you me. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there are many things and especially many questions we don’t see. The teaching method I’ll employ is designed to help you learn how to learn, and at the same time, freely give you all the tools you need to be able to do just that.

Coming soon:

Looking into the original Biblical Hebrew-with no fuss—is a proven method to dig for more in-depth Bible meaning, and it will help you open new exciting doors to verify your Bible understanding.

This blog post is an excerpt from chapter 3.6 of Origin of the Universe


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