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Peace of mind. Imagine all citizens in your home, building or neighborhood actually possessing peace of mind. It’s not happening today due to poor rulership.

Peace of mind is the outcome of responsible rulership. How much of that is there around?

Peace of mind is the outcome of responsible rulership. How much of that is there around?

Peace of mind is wishful thinking for many today. No matter one’s outlook or managerial skills, they come up short. We just don’t have the know-how and we don’t rule over enough of the parameters to bring peace of mind to people around us.
(Audit of Humankind, chapter 4.6)

Over the last couple of posts, we’ve discussed our physical needs. Air for breath, Land for agriculture to grow food and supply minerals for shelter and clothing. Water to drink and for sanitation. It just so happens, our planet Earth has enough of these material resources to supply the needs of billions of people. Do we realize that to our knowledge, to date, we haven’t located another planet that supplies just one of these necessities for just ONE person! That ought to make us stop and meditate about the bountifulness of Earth. It is very good.

The world finds itself in a situation where there are over-availability and under-availability of these essential resources around the globe. There are the have nations and the have-not nations. Many of the have-not nations actually possess the resources for a thriving country but they are poorly managed. Even dilapidated by the managers, the country’s government, and leaders.

The endeavors of humankind are a mixed bag when it comes to the proper usage, so all can benefit from the richness of planet Earth. Even within the rich nations, there’s an incredible number of citizens that cannot make ends meet. Who live day to day with a shortfall at the end of the month. Under such material circumstances, it is difficult, even impossible, to talk about real inner peace of mind and even prosperity.

Peace of mind is far from limited to the material. In fact, real peace of mind comes from the immaterial. Each nation has a number of Ministries established to oversee this mental welfare of its citizens. Let’s look at some of them and ask ourselves what state they’re in? That is the Audit of the Universe. Are the accomplishments of these ruling bodies supplying the leadership and direction that brings fulfillment to the citizens they oversee?

Personal Peace and fulfillment and growth—How Humankind rules socialization

Peace of mind starts with a focus on the body. Mens sana in corpore sane is Latin for a healthy mind in a healthy body. This is used as a motto by many military academies, educational institutes, and sports training facilities. In fact, it could easily be a basis for personal wellbeing.

  • Ministry of Health – Body, and Mind

If we had purer and enough, air water and food we’d be well on our way to reducing ill-health. Healthcare will always be needed but it has now become more expensive and more inaccessible with more treatment of sickness and less attention to the sick person. Physical health problems might be receding but mental health difficulties are on the rise because of the society we live in. Granted, there’s controversy over such statements. The Ministry of Health has the responsibility to set policies to both reduce and treat these issues.

Here’s the narrative of Scott Taylor who suffers from ADHD.  It begins with his personal story and experiences as a student identified with ADHD. In the second part, Scott discusses what specific resources and strategies he used in order to succeed. The goal is to provide you with a personal narrative of ADHD and hopefully enough information to find your own pathway or assist loved ones to succeed. Personal success should become a national success. Real peace of mind starts here.

Each year in France we resort to the Telethon, a 36 hours non-stop nationally televised program to raise money to treat rare genetic diseases. This last year, 2018 donations were down, but still totaled some 70 million Euros making it one of the biggest community caritative events in the world. This is a wonderful undertaking but can we count on the general public to face the rising costs of research into progress for our physical and mental health needs?

  • Ministry of Labor

Labor represents about one-third of our time. One of the biggest barriers to peace of mind is a detrimental work environment. As that adjective indicates, it has a negative effect on the mental. Here we’re talking about a total work environment. The role of both an employer and an employee. Today, unfortunately, and I am generalizing, the employer wants the highest productivity at the least cost while the employee wants the least work with the highest pay. And never a twain shall meet.

Obviously, each company has to assume its own responsibility, but the Ministry should be forging a pathway and being a guiding light. Labor is much more than products and statistics. We’re amazed here in France that, with all the unemployment, there’s such a lack of good manual laborers. Know-how is being lost as the older generation retires and is not being replaced by motivated artisans to pick up the gauntlet. Government is not interventionism, but it is inventiveness. It alone can have an overall vision and establish policies and procedures to reach viable goals

The workplace should be uplifting for all parties with regard to apprenticeships, training, cooperation, sharing, advancement to name just a few areas. Individual and company prosperity as well as individual and company peace of mind are all linked. Are labor conflicts waning or waxing? Are workers more satisfied with their conditions and treatment?

I’m not just talking about our Western countries. What about less-developed or third-world countries? What about child labor? Slavery and forced labor are not history. They are daily lives of millions of human beings around the globe, right under the nose of community and national rulership, and right now. What about women in the workplace? How can they benefit from real peace of mind and prosperity in this world today?

  • Ministry of Home Affairs

Home, in the literal sense, is the single biggest issue where peace of mind should be present. Home is a haven where acceptance and understanding should reign. Where there’s a shoulder to be leaned on when you’re in an up and a family member’s shoulder to lean on when you’re down. All too often that’s not the case. With up to 50% divorce rates, single parents and homes struck with strife and conflict. Certainly not an atmosphere propitious for peace of mind.

Peer pressure, Church influence, and TV morals are not establishing the right pathways. Again, it’s not up to the government to intervene in personal affairs. But where’s the leadership and rulership in family matters supposed to come from? We’re witnessing more and more abdication of authorities and authority in ground-level social relations. Even manners and courtesy are being replaced by loud-mouthing and jostling.

In France, and I suppose in many other countries as well, we have TV programs with Nanny solving conflicts between toddlers and abdicating parents. There’s Big Brother restoring harmony between adolescents and berated lost parents at each other’s throats. I saw a program about the pros and cons of Boot Camps for Teens in the USA. Isn’t it a shame and a waste of childhood to have to resort to any of the out-of-family therapies simply to try to raise a decent child to become a responsible adult? Something is not right on the home-front.

There should be the right type of rulership, with the right policies. Right from the start, there should be the instruction available to aid families, men, women, children, young people including preparation for a happy marriage and loving childrearing. But who has the authority and wisdom to know how to put such a program in place? Where do you start? A society characterized by peace of mind needs direction from proper overseers in this all-important social relationships area.

  • Ministry of Justice

    You can only have peace of mind when Law and Order are being respected. This field is a vast gamut of players: Police, Courts, Judges, Lawyers Prisons, Rehabilitation, Reinsertion. It should start with prevention, which is a parental responsibility and prerogative. If it fails at home, the next line of defense is school and then it falls on society with the entire overtaxed judicial system.

Crime invades and pervades our society. By definition, it is underground and only apparent when discovered. Its variety and resourcefulness are plethoric. A rapid list boggles your mind: Corruption, Crime prevention and criminal justice, Cybercrime, Drug prevention, treatment, and care. Drug trafficking, Firearms, Falsified medical products, HIV and AIDS, Trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, Maritime crime and piracy, Money-laundering, Organized crime, Terrorism prevention, Wildlife, and forest crime…

The United Nations, our world governing body, is mandated to compile international crime statistics and survey judicial systems. It is designed to help make informed decisions. But it has no responsibility or authoritative rulership is this area. There are international crime-fighting organizations like Interpol and the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Certain African countries are accusing the West of being partial because it is mainly Africans being brought to justice. Whether crime is on an International level or neighborhood level, there are victims. Victims who have their lives turned upside down and in turmoil often left to fend for themselves.

What are the accomplishments and achievements in the race to reduce crime? Can crime ever be stopped? Will there ever be a day when burglar alarms will be a thing of the past? Given present police and judicial systems, will rulership be able to instill in its population a sense of peace of mind and prosperity?

  • Ministry of Education + Development

Communication and education have become major issues in the 21st century. If there’s one area that affects the mind, this is it. All the way from fake news, to journalists being executed because of their investigative inquiries to excesses on social media, communication is pervasive in daily life. Education and development are fundamental needs of human beings, from the elderly staying sharp-minded to stem the tide of Alzheimer’s to youngsters being properly taught their ABC’s.

This is a major Ministry with multiple departments to deal with such subjects as Ethics, Religious Affairs, Information, Media, and Internet to name a few.

Right education is purported to be the one major area that can lead to a change in behavior and a better world. It certainly has a major role to play. And the earlier a proper education begins on all levels, physical, mental, and behavioral, the better off society will be. But what rulership is necessary to decide not only on the curriculum but on its application? The fierce competition for high grades in certain countries is not leading to peace of mind, to the contrary. Proper rulership is sorely lacking in the one area that above all others needs definite direction.

  • Ministry of Culture

From sports to recreation, including national and international tourism to create understanding and harmony between people’s guidelines via Ministries are needed. Venice has had to institute an entry fee to the city to control the hordes of incoming visitors who are damaging its priceless patrimony. In France, a couple of rugby players have died from powerful tackles to the chest by a two-on-one pronged attack. Rules and regulations will be changed to avoid such incidents.

Cultural activities should stimulate and fill our minds positively. They should give us ideas to think about and people to socialize around. British researchers found that older adults who attended movies, concerts, opera, the theater; or went to museums, art galleries, and other cultural events—at least once a month—were much less likely to develop depression. Here we’re referring to uplifting culture of all kinds. By the way, this would have to include ethical choices. How much, if any nudity and explicit sex and violence should there be in movies and on stage? Do such displays excite hormones or entice peace of mind?

Culture, education, justice, home, labor, and health are major puzzle pieces in our quest to forge national and global peace and prosperity. It takes a big mind to have an overview of how these pieces can be assembled to bring peace of mind to a world population. Can this really happen with our present rulership?

This blog post is an excerpt from chapter 4.6 of the book Audit of Humankind.


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