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The Explanation is a multitude of puzzle pieces that all fit intricately together. When assembled, they reveal ONE coherent big picture.

The Explanation is a layered puzzle with a multitude of pieces fitting intricately together rendering the big picture.

The Explanation is a layered puzzle with a multitude of pieces that fit intricately together. (click for credit)

Today I was going to write about ‘spiders’ as part of the Fauna section of ‘Inventory of the Universe’, but then I wondered what will readers think when they see the post. In other words, what’s this blog all about… so I decided to address that issue today and save the spiders for the next post.

So the question is: how do spiders fit into the overall puzzle of bringing peace and prosperity to Earth?

Good question. Spiders and Fauna as well as every cogwheel of the Universe are ‘pieces’ that are part of a whole and point to a GLOBAL UNITY. It’s hard to get that message across with each blog, hence my reminder today, Each blog brings you a little bit of knowledge that is awesome… something you may not have thought about. A principal phenomenon that is part of our Universe.

We need to see the parts but focus on the WHOLE, the big picture. All parts must work together or we’ll have chaos.

We’re looking at a global situation, when we ask the question ‘how would you bring peace and prosperity to Earth?’ we’re not talking about spiders or epigenetics or any one of the 10 ‘pieces of the Universe’ in the list of categories in the right-hand column. We’re talking about world order, about men and women, nations, government and leadership. You can’t have peace and prosperity without ALL of them.

You can’t understand spiders or epigenetics or the nitrogen cycle if you only look at these entities… each one is not an island unto itself. Each is a miniscule part of the whole. If each is isolated, unattached to its immediate neighbors, not part of the entire big picture you cannot comprehend its individual role in the overall picture puzzle.

Yes, the next post will be about spiders, and I’ll only deal with one aspect and one principle… (their manlike ability to accomplish amazing architecture… )… but that characteristic is like the ‘cogwheel theory’, a coined term referring to how each part must perform its function as part of the whole.

I will explain that further in later blogs but as you read and are notified of these posts keep the BIG picture in focus.


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