Only 49% of Americans believe that ‘Big Bang’ is the real origin of the Universe.
What about the remaining 51%… what do they believe?

Big Bang as it unfolds from a pin of extreme heat to Universe filling cosmic bodies

Big Bang as it unfolds from a pin of extreme heat to Universe filling cosmic bodies (click for Source)

A lot of the 51% believe in their Christian faith which, from their Bible understanding prones a 7 day creation going back 6000 years.
These are statistics for the United States of America that will be different elsewhere.

Beyond ‘belief’ what is the reality of Big Bang? Can we separate the facts from fiction?
In scientific circles the theory of Big Bang is an accepted theorum. Here’s is a very short list of some points, not all by any means on the pros and cons of the Big Bang question. You might care to look into more detail which I do cover in the first book of The Explanation series entitled: Inventory of the Universe.

Proof of Big Bang

  • Formation of the elements: How we end up with about 98 elements from aluminum and arsenic to zinc and zirconium. including carbon and oxygen which are such big issues today
  • Expanding Universe: How all astral bodies are moving away from a central point
  • Cosmic Background Radiation: also known as the universal echo. The original extreme heat with accompanying fast moving wave vibrations has cooled to way below ‘freezing’ and left over very slow moving vibration of this cold everywhere in the universe… which science can measure.
  • Slight variations in pockets of this original heat allowing clusters of elements to gravitate together giving birth to astral bodies like stars and planets…
  • The mathematical ‘fine-tuning’ of the Universe. Amongst others, the extremely precise speed of the outward movement of the particles. Not too slow otherwise they’d collapse inward because of gravity. Not too fast or they’d disperse not forming astral bodies.
  • It can be calculated how much of the three light elements (hydrogen, helium and lithium) should have been produced by the earliest nuclear reactions,  And we’re right on in a couple of cases.
  • The ‘heavy’ element formation via supernovas

All of the above scientific points and many others fit into and are part of the overall Big Bang Theory, It is the ‘totality’ approach that lends reliability to the theory. There are however holes and conflicting data. The question is whether this clashing information is contradictory or whether it needs further explanation and clarification.

Questions about Big Bang:

  • We only are able to deal with 4% of all material in the Universe. Science can only see, test, measure and experiment with an infinitesimal part of the tangible elements that exist.
  • 96% of what science surmises exists ‘out there’ is a mystery. this includes dark energy and dark matter. Amongst other things, this is the incredible force that is considered to be propelling the expansion of the Universe.
  • A conflict that was discovered in the Milky Way Galaxy in 1982: Lithium, one of the light element is THREE TIMES LESS ABUNDANT than predicted by mathmatics. The anomaly has apparently been confirmed by a recent study of other galaxies as well.
  • Scientist are not able to harmonize and unify quantum mechanics (the weak force, strong force, electromagnetism) and general relativity (gravity)

The present situation is that there are many, even a majority of scientific proofs to accept the Big Bang origin of the Universe BUT… there are plenty of grey areas that have to be worked on. The framework is definitely there but some of the fine points still have to be straightened out.

One overriding point I suggest you keep in mind is that Big Bang is scientific information of the workings and physical functioning of our Universe. It’s like looking at a working atomic power plant and describing how the buildings, machinery, engines, electronics function to do what they do. And man, with his mind and his intelligence is capable of doing that. Not that he doesn’t make mistakes and miscalculations along the way. He does, but he is capable of analysis and correction to reach an ultimate: This is how it functions.

What Science can not do is tell us where it all came from, why it started, whether there’s any real purpose for its existance. and, when it comes to the Universe, whether man, you and I, were programmed to be here and what our role is. Science cannot go beyond trying to figure out how our environs function.

As we saw, a vast percentage of people don’t believe in Big Bang undoubtedly because it can’t answer these last questions. What about you? Can these non-scientific questions really be answered? If we want harmony, peace and prosperity, surely they need answers that can satisfy not just one half the population but everyone. That is the ultimate goal The Explanation has set for itself. Stay with me as we broach these big questions.

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