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Strange question you’re probably thinking! Yes, it’s a metaphor because we’re going to discuss something else. But what’s the answer to the question above?

If you want to understand the world which would you choose: 175000 pieces of lego which will give you umpteen results or the same number of jigsaw puzzle pieces that will only give you one result?

If you want to understand the world which would you choose: 557,707 pieces of Lego that will give you umpteen results or the same number of jigsaw puzzle pieces that will give you only one result?

Do you know what a jigsaw is? It’s a tool you don’t see too often nowadays. In fact, it is generally a hand tool rather than a power tool because of the nature of the ‘blade’. In fact, it is not even a blade, it’s a ‘wire’ with ‘teeth’ cut all the way around the wire. It can not only cut in any direction, but it makes instantaneous changes of direction with every hand movement of the saw.

The point is that this way, EACH piece of a jigsaw puzzle, originally cut by hand, is different from ALL the other pieces. No pattern was followed, the artisan just ‘cut’ the pieces at whim, any size, any edge, any corner, and side any indent, any notch, any angle. EACH piece was UNIQUE. Not only was the minute part of the picture on that 1/557,707 piece of the puzzle UNIQUE, but the cut, or form, or shape of that piece was also UNIQUE.

A beautiful picture, exquisitely cut into 557,707 pieces, would be a masterpiece created by a master craftworker. Jigsaw puzzle making was an art very few people mastered. And the result of all those pieces was only and only one picture. No matter how many pieces, they all fit together in only one way, You’ve got to work with those pieces—trial and error—until the final singular masterpiece fits stunningly together.


A company founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen ‘LEGO’ takes its name from two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”. This is what the company always had in mind by instilling in kids unlimited imagination and creativity through play. A very admirable idea.

Dozens of pieces, but each piece is mass-produced by the millions and they are all IDENTICAL. You can fit them together in thousands of ways… It’s up to your imagination, and you can let it run wild with legos. Many wondrous things have been created like houses, Eiffel tower, airplanes, farms, boats, train stations, cars, dolls… and the list is endless.

Now, there are a number of fundamental questions we could ask when it comes to these 2 concepts.

Question ONE

Is the UNIVERSE built after the LEGO or the JIGSAW PUZZLE model?

In other words, according to the Lego model, if you take all the pieces the universe could’ve turned out in hundreds, maybe thousands or even a million different ways. While using the Jigsaw Puzzle model, it had to turn out this one and only way. Great is this enigma because even scientists, let alone theologians, are not in agreement over this point.

I’ve finished Book 1 of The Explanation series, entitled Inventory of the Universe. I can now say this book will be published very early in January 2016. It will help you answer this question.

If you think about it, the answer to this question has far-reaching consequences: Is the Universe and all that it contains, including you and I and all human beings who’ve ever walked the face of this earth, just an incredible chance—the Lego model, or was it written from the start that we’d be here in this unique way—the Jigsaw Puzzle model? the first choice implicates hazard, the second choice implicates a concerted plan… and who knows, a planner.

Question TWO

Is ‘true religion’ built after the LEGO or the JIGSAW PUZZLE model?

We know there are over 4000 different religions in the world, These are major recognized religions, the number of different ‘spiritual bodies’ must number into the multiple tens of thousands.

They ALL purport to worship some sort of ‘God,’ each giving a different definition of this ‘God.’ But, ‘God’ remains the common denominator.

So, Who is God, How does God function? How is man supposed to worship this God?

If God functions after the Lego model, then indeed we can take the 557,707 pieces and build as many Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and other religious building representing the rainbow array of diverse religious groups around the world. We can have opposition of beliefs, diversity of worship, faiths that fight each other in the name of ‘Godliness.’

The other alternative-the Jigsaw Puzzle model—is that the 557,707 pieces all fit together in just ONE beautiful, transcendent way representing this unique God.

This second proposition also sounds preposterous because that would mean that this planning right from the Beginning means God is watching right now as humanity tears, not only itself but the very planet on which He placed them apart. Like letting a child run the gamut of a tantrum, all the while shredding his bed, books, toys, and wallpaper in his room, while a parent stands by and allows this! Why would a God allow that?

Ok, I agree, it’s not easy to make a decision for the Lego God or the Jigsaw Puzzle God! Both have major issues and questions that these thousands of religious groups and the erudite theologians who have spent their lives poring over sacred books and praying to their God for answers have not satisfactorily answered.

I’m not going to answer these questions here and now. Not because I don’t want to. But because if I make choice 1 or choice 2 it wouldn’t make any difference… in that there’s no space in a blog post to back up either reply.

Yet, when all is said and done—about Legos and Jigsaw Puzzles–an answer, a real answer that makes sense, would be worthwhile. Especially in the troubling times, we find ourselves in at the end of 2021, when, as I write, Covid-19 has upset populations of entire countries around the world.

Why? Why? Why? screams the world.

Not an easy situation, in fact, an extremely hard conundrum, if that’s even a word I can use to describe the predicament we’re in. Yet, that is the goal The Explanation has set for itself. And there is an answer forthcoming. Stay tuned, subscribe to the totally private list which will keep you posted about updates and new posts.

Why specifically 557,707 Lego pieces and jigsaw puzzle pieces? Surprise, to be continued … subscribe above and leave your comments below.


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