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A marriage relationship has huge benefits compared to living the single life. It’s not a question of whether there are benefits but rather what those benefits are.

A flourishing marriage is the most wholesome foundational structure in the construction of a solid human society.

A flourishing marriage is the most wholesome foundational structure in the construction of a solid human society.

A marriage with the joining together of the complementary contributions of the male and female partners has multiple benefits. Here are some major benefits of a flourishing marriage. But the question still arises, why is it so?
(Audit of Humankind chapter 3.6)

We’re discussing the structure of human society, the relationship between human beings, locally and internationally. We’ve discussed the equality of human beings and that humanity is composed of two compatible genders. The basis is that the only way to procreate is for two individuals, one of each gender, to come together. Last week we discussed the formation of such couples. Dating, engagement, courtship, bride, and groom. This leads to marriage and husband and wife.

If you’ve come across this blog post for the first time then please know that it is part of a larger work – Audit of the Universe. To see the entire context, which you can read online, click here.
We’ve reached an interesting, crucial and significant point in Audit of the Universe. We’re discussing major controversial issues of society. The goal is to clarify each of these puzzle pieces.
I’m asserting certain values. Why these assertions? What are they based on? The answers are found in the next book Origin of the Universe which you can read online here.

Benefits of Married Life

Lifelong Companionship

Humans, by nature, are social, and that doesn’t mean an internet social network. It means we are equipped both mentally and bodily (voice, hands) to interact with other people. We have emotions, sentiments, feelings which we need to express. As well as being around others to receive their emotions, sentiments, and feelings. Giving a compliment, showing thankfulness, asking for forgiveness is beneficial for both the giver and receiver. In marriage, the husband and wife are both giver and receiver. In marriage, there’s always the presence of your love partner to give and receive.

Take Better Care of Yourself

This is a key result of lifelong companionship. Personal hygiene is improved because you want to look, feel and smell the best for your partner. This influences from what you eat to what you wear to the risks you’re willing to take. You’re not just risking for one, but two, which makes both husband and wife more sensible in their decisions.

Preserves and Enhances Mental and Emotional Health

Ideas and imagination sharpen ideas and imagination. Husband and wife have each other to bounce thoughts and ideas around. There’s a permanent thinktank going on, brainstorming keeps those neurons from getting rusty. Humans have their good and bad moments and days, their satisfactions and frustrations. Humans need someone to laugh with and cry with. Marriage gives you that go-to person for mental and emotional stability.

Better Sex

You can flirt, touch, be sexy, say sweet-nothings without any reserves. Sex is the most physical give-and-receive activity there is. In marriage you can literally let your hair hang down, not to say, let it hang out and indulge in it unabashedly. In faithful union, there’s no worrying about what could happen, whether a chance partner is infected or not. Their’s total anticipation, intensification, and climax. It’s a whole day, every day (maybe not) affair. In marriage husband and wife can learn and experiment, it can and should be a couple’s affair.

Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular health is a primary concern nowadays. Studies show that a vibrant marriage can also mean a vibrant heart. There are various emotional and psychological reasons for this. It’s undoubtedly to do with lowered stress having someone to lean on. But did you know that good sex uses all the muscles in your body and is at least the equivalent to a workout? When a marriage is going right, it’s like driving down a road when all the lights are green.

Better Eating and Drinking Habits

Happily married couples tend to lay more emphasis on their food and alcohol intake. It’s the mutual effect of looking out for one another. I was at the supermarket the other day with a couple behind me who were putting their purchases on the checkout conveyor belt. Most of their products had 30% savings but they were healthy and wholesome. I was thinking, here’s a couple of elderly people who have thought this through. Light on the budget, nutritious for the body and mind. The combined wisdom of husband and wife.

There are other benefits of marriage including the motivation to earn more money and raising your social status along with being a hedge against abusive use of narcotics and even pornography.

Children on the Frontline

Possibly the biggest benefit of marriage is the outcome of your children–IF the husband and wife set the pace and show the example. This is one of the most studied areas of marriage, it’s effect on kids. A happy marriage, an unhappy marriage, hugging and kissing, fighting and bickering, your kids take it all in. Young formative neurons are sponges to actions and emotions around them. Parent’s every move, look, and feeling are transmitted to young minds in formation. A stable, loving marriage is a cocoon for children. They grow and develop the same atmosphere in their being as they see within this tiny microcosm that is the family.

There is much literature on the effects of a happy (and unhappy) marriage on children. I’ve given you a few links so you can read about it. I want to focus on a couple of aspects of marriage and its benefits. Firstly, read this article and focus on how all the studies in this field reveal the same phenomena worldwide. Marriage, a couple having children, the interaction of husband and wife, who transform into father and mother, the arrival of babies who transform into kids and adolescents happens around the planet. No matter the language, the culture, the education, the social status, it is likewise planetwide.

We’re discussing marriage in the broader context of social relationships and the structure of human society. in the context of Audit of the Universe, raise your thinking above your own marriage, above the marriages you associate with. Move to a national and international level. Realize that the benefits and pitfalls of living in couples that procreate are universal. We’re not talking about some isolated bricks of a house. We’re talking about each and every brick. The next generation of adults is only as good, or better, or worse as the present generation is. If the bricks are fortified the house will be strong. If the bricks are decayed the house will begin to crumble.

This is a global occurrence, we cannot escape the worldwide nature of this all-inclusive impact of marriage, couples, husband and wife, father and mother and their impact on humanity. The studies drive this singular experience home. I will add here that much is now said about monogamous animals. But this minor similitude is not representative of the comparison with the role of a husband and wife, father and mother, family founding human couple.

The second point to meditate on is that we know this unique human twosome structure exists but why is it so only throughout humanity? Nobody really explains what’s behind marriage. Is there a reason for the existence of such an institution as marriage and the relationship formed by a procreating couple? Origin of the Universe will give the Explanation and put marriage and all its social components into perspective.

This blog post is an excerpt from chapter 3.6 of the book Audit of Humankind.


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