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Intelligence is common to both animals and mankind. But, do they possess intelligence to the same degree? And what about the level of their minds and instincts?

Intelligence is common to both animals and mankind. But, do they possess intelligence to the same degree? And what about the level of their minds and instincts?

Intelligence is common to both animals and mankind. But do they possess intelligence to the same degree? And what about the level of their minds and instincts?

“Sam,” says Galacti, “I see where you’re going with this. You appreciate animals, but you are explaining the vast difference between what they and mankind have accomplished on Earth.” Intelligence is a factor.
(Inventory of the Universe, chapter 10.10)

“Indeed,” I say. “In chapter six, I covered animal ability—an ode to their capabilities, as well as pointing out their incredible intelligence, talents, and emotions.

I’m aware of ethological studies of animal behavior in their natural habitat as compared with laboratory studies. These studies are revealing that we have underestimated the capacities and behaviors of animals.

However, when we look at the world today, who is transforming it? Who is at the heart of all, and I mean all the changes, modifications, and revolutions that have historically taken place and are reordering society at a seemingly speedier pace today? I believe the answer is man, and I believe readers would agree with this.

From that point of view, animals, with all their intelligence, emotions, and behavior, have not had any impact on this planet’s forward march into the twenty-first century.

Animals, with all their #intelligence, emotions, and behavior, have had no impact on this planet’s forward march, only man has. Share on X

Animals are in the same non-participative state as they were in the nineteenth, fifteenth, and any other century. They have made no progress whatsoever other than adapting to adjustments man has caused to their environment.

Animal Existence 
Man’s Life Project
Animal behavior is instinctive when it is not the direct result of initial parental tuition. Man must learn to govern himself, even beyond his younger years. A life project is one of lifelong learning.
Animals imitate. Man creates.
Animals can communicate, but whatever their mode of interconnectivity and the nature of the information exchanged, it is limited to their immediate existence.

Animal communication does not have to do with new ideas and concepts that impact their future lifestyle.

Man’s complex vocal cords and larynx allow him to have a voice to express everyday needs and cognitive concepts.

He has thousands of languages as well as untold creativity in expressing himself orally and in writing.

Animals sleep, eat, play, reproduce, and survive. That’s their life. Man can choose according to his talent and skills. He has the free will to plan and guide his existence.
Animals survive day to day. They may store food or prepare for hibernation, but this unchanging cycle repeats itself year in and year out. Man can plan ahead and try to accumulate supplies for the future. He can develop a career to manage people and projects. He can make a household, a department, or a farm according to his feelings.
Animals have no legacy other than their place in the balance of nature. Man has a legacy, be it material, cultural, or traditional. It can be enhanced, changed or abandoned.
Animals have no need or motivation for personal development once they’ve attained their basic purpose. This purpose is identical to that of their genitor. Man can follow in the footsteps of his parents. He can also develop and surpass them or completely change his life goal and pursue a very different path.
Animals have no educational requirements. Man must go through an educational process involving his parents, schooling, experience and/or self-education. In fact, education is a lifelong endeavor.
Animals have no skills or talents beyond the innate skills for which their bodies are already developed. Discovery is an ongoing process that takes effort. Culture, knowledge, wisdom, and experience develop over time and are never-ending.

The idea in this chapter is not to denigrate animals and laud man. It is simply to state some clearer differences.

I think it is fair to say that under normal circumstances, the most intelligent animal doesn’t come close to the dumbest human. There’s not just a gulf between animals and humans; there’s a huge chasm.

There’s not just a gulf between animals and humans, there’s a huge chasm. Share on X

On the physical side, animals surpass humans with flying colors. On the brain/mind side, humans surpass animals with flying colors.

“We’re taking Inventory of the Universe and the animate, living, brainy, walking, swimming, flying portion of that universe,” Galacti reminds us. “This is certainly the crux of what it’s all about. This is where the highest living organisms are.”

Although the animals run off with all the Olympic medals on this animate scale, man wins all the Nobel prizes, hands down. It’s certainly worth contemplating that animals are more physically oriented while man is more intellectual.

Animals run off with all the #Olympic medals while man wins all the #Nobel prizes, hands down. Share on X

This post is an excerpt from chapter 10.10 of Inventory of the Universe.

The Explanation Blog Bonus

This incredible video illustrates why the octopus is one of the ocean’s most complex and enigmatic creatures, which should be studied, not served in restaurants.

The octopus uses cognitive reasoning to make deductions and understand its environment. It can shape shift, and change color and texture on the fly to blend in with its surroundings to become either predator or defend itself from becoming prey.

Truly amazing what they can do … but could they produce a video about a man like this video of octopuses? The answer to that question is very important to understand relative intelligence and the role of animals and humans.

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