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Theology, the logical reasoning of the Source, will lead us to Coherent Completeness.

Coherent Completeness is the logical reasoning of the Source of all things

Coherent Completeness is the logical reasoning of the Source of all things

Referring to the definition of theology from the last blog post, this ‘sound reasoned study’ should lead, in a harmonious way, to peace and prosperity. It’s not just about ‘humanity,’ but about humanity and nature. It’s about the physical and the non-physical, the visible and the invisible, the material facts and the mental ethereal—or the spiritual, as some would call it.
(Origin of the Universe chapter 1.3)

Coherent Completeness

It’s the real Grand Unifying Theory—Theory of Everything—not on a scientific level (I have no clue to that one) but on a universal humankind mental and spiritual level. For the time being, I’ll equate the spiritual level to the mental and leave open the possibility that there might be other levels that are not readily visible to humankind.

This GUT, as scientists refer to it, (Inventory, chapter 1) or Coherent Completeness, as I’m going to call it, is a unique concept.

Coherent Completeness is the all-englobing-everything. It’s monotheology, the monoview, monomind, monotruth.


It unifies, into one complete puzzle, a coherent view of all the visible and invisible pieces and renders a clear image of the why, how and what of the Universe we are a part of.

That is a tall order.

Coherent Completeness is the all-englobing-everything. It’s monotheology, the monoview, monomind, monotruth. Click To Tweet

And I hear one of the critical counter-arguments.

The religious-minded population, who believes in a Higher Power, often points out: The author—God—is mysterious, He’s not a man, how can you expect to understand the mind of God? Or, we are just supposed to do our best and leave the rest to Him. He knows our hearts and will do what He has to. And 1001 other reasonings that drive us away from even thinking we can sound the mind of God.

Well, that is the task The Explanation has set before itself. To show how to reach and teach Coherent Completeness.

In the last post of Origin of the Universe, I defined the word ‘theology’ as the logical words of God. I need to take you on a short, or more likely, very long thought journey. You might already be skeptical (or outright dubious) about where I’m leading you. But I need to share another primary port of call with you as we start to examine the Origin of the Universe. That, of and by itself, is already a daring destination. But, even more daring, is the answer to the question: Why is there a Universe?

Such a question is not theoretical or ethereal, simply because you and I are part of and maybe even the cause or result of this Universe. In essence, we’re asking the questions: Why is there life? Why is humankind here on Earth? These are the most underlying issues. Answer those questions, and you’ve gone a long way to help people believe. As Simon Sinek would paraphrase this, “The why is the basis; then we can deal with the how and the what.”

Humankind is at the crossroads of its existence or extinction, as never before, as I’ve pointed out in Audit of Humankind. Leaders, philosophers, scientists, and religionists are all giving us their ideas of how to run society and what to do with society—to improve its outcome when they don’t even know why society exists.

By turning to the above definition of theology (God’s logical words) to answer: ‘Why the Universe?’ I intend to take into account two givens:

  1. There’s an ‘author-originator’ who is intelligent enough to know what he’s doing.
  2. That what he is doing is logical. That there’s a plan of coherent completeness in place to reach the desired outcome.

Again, I repeat, I don’t expect my readers to believe any of this! After all, a lot of people don’t believe in God, and frankly, when we look around at 41,000 religions, I can understand why. And since many believe there’s no God–why should there be any logical plan?

Even a lot, if not most ‘religious’ people, don’t necessarily think of God as having a plan. And when you consider the state of Earth today with its magnitude of suffering—how can you justify a good God responsible for such a seemingly unjust plan. Where’s the logic in that?

Should this be your skeptical case, then I ask you to consider this book as another mystery novel—a book of fiction like Star Wars with its all-powerful leaders of the Galaxy and Universe. Read on and consider what I write as pure fantasy—just like the galactic sovereignty of the Supreme Leaders, though the Force and Jediism have been taken on by some as their religion. Science fiction, the imaginations of some human author’s mind, has been raised to the level of ‘god’s logical words.’

You’ll get a kick and chuckle from my wild imagination.

Back to theology: It understands the mind and concepts of that originator. It is the all-encompassing WHY as the foundational motivation of the source compared to the What and How of religion.

Theology goes deep into the mind and purpose of the author and answers the Why.

Whenever the author thinks, says, or does something–there’s a reason. He does nothing haphazardly. There are motivation, rationale, and an explanation behind each move.

Theology goes deep into the mind and purpose of the author and answers the ‘Why.’ Click To Tweet

Theology, the logical reasoning of God, the Source, will lead us to Coherent Completeness.

Theology, the logical reasoning of God, the Source, will lead us to Coherent Completeness. Click To Tweet

Who is the author of The Explanation?

In conclusion to this section on Theology, I’d like to tell you about a dilemma I had when the idea of writing a book first germinated: The title. What was I going to name it? Initially, it was to be one book, not a series. And the second question, as the author, how should I present my name? Maybe even use a pseudonym. As you can see, I decided against the latter simply because the teaching and videos that accompany the books would reveal my identity, anyway.

What was capital to me was that I NOT be seen as the ‘author of the coherent completeness.’ Let me be clear. The plan for humankind that I will expose in the rest of this and subsequent books is NOT MY PLAN. As I’ve said, if it were my plan, then you and I could argue about it until the cows come home. I’m just as human as any person, be they a leader, philosopher, scientist, or religionist. My ideas are just as bad as anyone else’s on this humongous subject of ‘coherent completeness.’

If you think the Theory of Everything, the grail scientists are scrambling to uncover is something, well, it’s small fry compared to coherent completeness. I’m incapable of authoring anything as complicated and as intricately interwoven as that plan is. No mystery thriller, no matter how suspenseful at throwing curveballs it is, even holds a candle to the mystery of coherent completeness.

No mystery thriller even holds a candle to the mystery of coherent completeness Click To Tweet

No human, I repeat, no human could have, can or will think up a plan like coherent completeness; this is the mystery of mysteries into which we are going to delve.

No human, could have, can or will think up a plan like coherent completeness. Click To Tweet

So, what’s my relationship to this plan? I wanted the title of this book series to reflect that clearly: The Explanation with Sam Kneller. It looks like a minor detail–with–but it’s not. Most titles would state “A Book Title BY …” with the name of the author. I’m explicitly avoiding the by to clearly show that I’m NOT the author of The Explanation as such. All I’m doing is expressing The Explanation in different terms. I’m exposing it in a new light to make it available to a broader audience; this is The Explanation WITH Sam Kneller. I’m just along for its exposition.

I am in ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, the author of the plan of coherent completeness. I’m a dummy when it comes to that. Your appreciation of or argumentation with the plan of coherent completeness is not an issue to take up with Sam Kneller. That’s why I will not debate, quarrel, or squabble about this plan. If you or I do have a problem with it, then you need to take it up with the real Author–and I repeat, that’s not me.

Inventory of the Universe, Audit of the Universe, Audit of Humankind, and these first chapters of Origin represent the introductory information necessary to understand The Explanation. We’re almost there. But, If we want to get into theology, we first have to:

Determine WHERE these ‘sound, reasoned words, related to god(s) / God’ are.

This blog post is an excerpt of chapter 1.3 from Origin of the Universe


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