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Genesis 1 and 2 in the Bible are the basis for understanding contemporary society. They convey the basis for individual and collective living.

Genesis 1 and 2 are contemporary. They convey the basis of Earth, Physical, Life, and Social Sciences.

Genesis 1 and 2 are contemporary. They convey the basis of Earth, Physical, Life, and Social Sciences.

Genesis 1 and 2 are the introduction to the Story of Humankind. They set God’s stage of fundamental knowledge for establishing a stable society and worldview. These two initial Bible chapters indicate the basis on which to build a firm personal and community life. Even the choice is left to each one, to follow or not follow.
(Origin of Woman, chapter 4.3)

In chapter 7.3 of Audit of Humankind, The Explanation expanded on Government for the People is Also Concern for the Poor and listed the Ministries for suitable and moral government. Rulership is one of the most contemporary issues with which communities and nations grapple. Look around; government leadership worldwide is in shambles. We’ve removed ourselves from the fundamental realities to focus on the personalities and personal aspirations of influencers.

Genesis 1 and 2 are down-to-earth reminders of what’s crucial in the 21st century; this is not archaic, mythical, ignorant literature. Indeed, these two chapters, believe them or not, are the most relevant expertise that society, worldwide, could heed.

The reason is the fundamentals of society have not changed over the millennia humankind has been present on Earth. Yes, technology, knowledge, progress, science, etc., have made tremendous strides and thrust us into the Space Age, the Artificial Intelligence era. But the underlying functions, operations, and reasoning of humankind have not changed over those millennia.

Human beings worldwide, regardless of their politics or beliefs, are characterized by seven essential singularities. Genesis 1 and 2 allude to all of them, which need to be satisfied to reach a stable society.

As we complete Origin of Humankind, a commentary on Genesis 2, one of the goals of The Explanation has been to relate the content of the Bible to present-day affairs. This Book is not historic, anachronic literature. The Bible is a living, dynamic manual, applicable to modern-life with all its intricacies. Maybe, more so than at any time in the past. Society is modern, but living has become too complicated. We’re not looking for simplistic answers; we are looking for uncomplicated solutions.

Let’s see what Genesis 1 and 2 have to offer. We’ll survey governmental ministries and associated branches of Science. Science and technology are the motors of modernity. Below is a graphic resume of the fascinating branches and fields of this discipline.

Branches of Science and related fields

Please, particularly notice Formal Sciences, at the bottom of the schema. It has two hierarchies: Mathematics and Logic, algebra, and philosophy. That’s quite a mix. Theology, as a science, places itself alongside this latter category, together with informal and symbolic. The Explanation has already defined theology; it has nothing to do with philosophy, nor informalism and symbolicism. Notice, the chart ties Logic closely to Mathematics; this is interesting because some scientists believe mathematics can explain the Universe, even consciousness.

This surprising combination of Mathematics and Philosophy is said to explain the most intimate in and of human beings. These two are the sole Sciences not joined with the physical universe (the blue column). Here’s the paradox of measurable math and unmeasurable consciousness both on this chart and in Science today. Are they two peas in a pod? Or, two separate issues? In chapter 3.5 of Audit of Humankind, we discussed the clash between artificial computer intelligence (mathematics) coupled with transhumanism (material biological technology) and the human mind (non-material neshama). They are two separate entities.

Science is facing two significant frontiers, understanding the vastness of and mastering space travel to colonize other planets, and understanding and reproducing the human brain/mind through artificial intelligence and algorithms. There’s nothing more contemporary than these subjects.

Genesis 1 and 2 give us focused vision and real answers as to the viability of these modern, profound quests. Are we barking up the right or wrong tree? Can we master outer space travel? Can we create a human mind?

Do you see a problem with the organization of the above diagram? They’ve evaluated all the sciences based on SCALE, from the massive visible universe at the top down to the minuscule physical particles at the bottom.

The problem is sociology and psychology, which DO relate to humans but do NOT have a sizeable SCALE. In this chart, they should be associated with the formal sciences at the bottom. Specifically with philosophy, which, similarly, does not have a measurable SCALE.

Sam’s Reflections

If SCALE of the Universe (the blue column on the left) is NOT the yardstick for comparing BRANCHES of Science (the second, green column), then what is? FREQUENCY is the answer. With its ability to reason, the human mind, be it scientifically, philosophically, or spiritually, cannot be compared to such physical sciences as mineralogy or paleontology. We already discussed the interface between the material and the non-material world, which I suggest you revise. We also established the significance of God’s Spirit MOVING over the face of the Earth in Genesis 1.

The common denominator, and hence the instrument of measurement, is FREQUENCY. We know the frequency of the human brain. We don’t know the frequency of the human mind, logic, philosophy, nor of the Holy Spirit. However, what we do know is their frequencies put these non-material sciences in a non-material Hierarchy of Science (the third brown column of the above chart). Let’s compare apples with apples, not apples with pears.

Mathematics, and everything associated with that discipline, although not having physical size, is all about measurement. Scientists use it to express all modes of physical science.

But, you can NOT express psychology, sociology, ethics, philosophy, religion, and theology in mathematical terms. This science, if we can call it that, is an entirely different field. They are not physical sciences. They are non-physical. Some would say, non-material, mind, or even spiritual affairs.

This distinction is vital. Logic has to do with the human mind and consciousness. Without this understanding, first of all, it is impossible to understand human beings truly. Secondly, it becomes challenging to comprehend the difference and the relationship between Genesis 1 and 2.

  • Genesis 1 primarily presents the creation of the PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT and its MANAGEMENT.
  • Genesis 2 presents the creation of HUMANKIND (the man and woman) and their SPIRITUAL MANAGEMENT.

God hands the management of the world over to humankind, “subdue and have dominion over all the living creatures” (Genesis 1:28). For humankind’s personal development, God tells them of which Tree they may eat and the one of which it is forbidden to eat. (Genesis 2:9, 16-17 ) In other words, there are do’s and do not’s. There’s discipline, which is something we don’t like to hear much about nowadays. There are respective consequences for our behavior concerning our attitude and application of God’s injunctions.

God does NOT force us into any decision. The first created man and woman have free will, just as you and I do. They make their own decisions, and justice is applied based on behavior. The way I’m expressing the personal spiritual management addressed in Genesis 2 might sound harsh to some people. Sorry about that, but it’s not Sam telling you this, it’s The Explanation of God’s Words right here in Genesis.

Let’s look at Genesis 1 and 2. To show how contemporary and practical these opening chapters of the Bible are, I’ve added the SCIENCES and the governmental MINISTRIES that would have jurisdiction over these fields along with some practical applications. Genesis 1 and 2 are not archaic mythologies; they are useful foundational knowledge and the basis of solutions for the 21st century.

Genesis 1 establishes the Physical Sciences and their management

The Creation in Genesis 1 lists the entirety of Space and Earth sciences and human management.

  • Creation Day 1: Space (in beginning) — Sciences: Cosmology, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry
    • Ministry of Science
      • Space, Artificial Intelligence, Development
  • Creation Day 2: Atmosphere (a firmament) — Sciences: Meteorology
    • Ministry of Environment (atmosphere, pollution) and Energy
      • Meteorology, solar, wind, atomic
  • Creation Day 3: Sea (waters) — Sciences: Oceanography
    • Ministry of Water, Maritime Affairs (Oceans),
      • Canals, water supply, water cycle, protection
      • Sanitation, civil protection (fire-fighting & detection)
  • Creation Day 3: Land (dry land) — Sciences: Geology, Geography, Chronology
    • Ministry of Land, Natural Resources and Energy
      • Mineral resources, mining, petroleum
    • Ministry of Works
      • Infrastructure, housing, construction, and maintenance of buildings roadworks, highways, roads, canals, bridges
    • Ministry of Transport and Networks,
      • Cars, trains, trucks, physical communications (computers, telephones)
  • Creation Day 3: Flora (grass) — Sciences: Botany, Mycology, Phytology
    • Ministry of Agriculture:
      • Food, Farms
      • Forestry
  • Creation Day 4: Seasons (seasons) — Sciences: Ecology
    • Ministry of Environment
      • Global warming
  • Creation Day 5: Marine and Atmospheric Life (whales, fowl) — Sciences: Ichthyology, Ornithology
    • Ministry of Fisheries and Avarians
  • Creation Day 6: Animal Life (cattle) — Sciences: Zoology, Embryology
    • Ministry of Terrestrial life
      • Cattle, Wildlife
  • Creation Day 6: Human Life (hu-man)– Sciences: Biology
    • Ministry of Human Affairs
      • Healthcare

Genesis 2 establishes the Social Sciences and their management

  • Creation Day 6: Man, Dust, Neshama-Human Mind (dust, neshama-mind) — Sciences: Anatomy, Cellular Biology, Medicine, Psychology
    • Ministry of Health
      • Body, Mind
  • Creation Day 6: Woman, Family, Humankind (woman, humanity)– Sciences: Sociology, Gynecology
    • Ministry of Womanhood and Family Affairs
      • Families, Women, Children, Adolescence, Seniors
      • Dating, Marriage, Childbirth, Child-education
  • Creation Day 6: Relationships (bone of my bones) — Sciences: Sociology, Behavioral Sciences
    • Ministry of “Love your neighbor”
      • Gender, inter-racial, community, national, international relations
  • Creation Day 6: Rulership — (subdue) Sciences: Leadership
    • Ministry of Personal Development
  • Creation Day 6: Tree of Life and Death (Two Trees) — Sciences: Law, Justice
    • Ministry of Justice
      • Law and Order, Police
      • Courts, Prisons, Reinsertion
  • Creation Day 6: Till the ground (dress and keep)– Sciences: Workmanship
    • Ministry of Trade and Industry
    • Ministry of Labor, relations, apprenticeships, advancement, training
    • Ministry of Commerce, Business, import, export
    • Ministry of Economy and Finance
      • Inland revenue, taxation, budget
  • Creation Day 7: Day of Rejuvenation (seventh day) — Sciences: Theology
    • Ministry of Education
      • Role of God
      • Role of Yahveh
      • Role of Spirit (Interface spirit and physical), Spiritual Life
    • Ministry of Ethics
      • Information, Media

These opening two chapters of Genesis cover all the major contemporary subjects in Science, sociology, and society. The above is simply an outline that is the solid foundation of the rest of the Bible.

It’s like when a couple gives birth to a new baby. Genesis 1 is the preparation of the PHYSICAL room, the decoration, the crib, the dimmed lighting, the diapers, the bottles, baby food, even a baby-friendly pet, everything necessary for the newborn’s welfare.

Genesis 2 is the birth of the baby. We’re no longer dealing with objects. We’re dealing with a human being, and one of the first things new parents learn is: A baby, from its first day, has a mind of its own. It cries when it wants; it eats when it wants, it poops when it wants. It develops its character and personality as it wants. That is the baby’s neshama functioning. That neshama is the heart and soul of the baby.

The role of parents is to keep that baby clean and not confused. That’s the meaning of naked and not ashamed. The baby comes into the physical world with a pure and unconfused mind, a clean slate, as we’d say. Genesis 2 focuses on maintaining that slate as clean as possible. Developing and protecting that little mind as it grows and matures. Directing it spiritually and psychologically to the Tree of Life, not the Tree of Death.

Nature and Human Nature

Let’s describe Genesis 1 and 2 another way. For instance, nature and human nature. Inventory of the Universe is an overview of Nature, from space, through the atmosphere down to Earth with its Oceans and Land, Flora, Fauna, and Human Beings. The take-away of Life on our planet is not that we can manipulate molecules and genes to obtain Life. The take-away is that we have millions of just-in-time processes that are thoroughly and intricately interwoven to not only generate Life but to sustain it in such an orderly fashion.

Genesis 1 is The Explanation of this enmeshed ensemble. Genesis 1 is the only literature, the only Sacred Book that assembles all the pieces of the puzzle to give humankind an overview of nature. This opening chapter of the Bible spells out why humanity is on Earth and our rulership role concerning the inventory of resources God has given us. It is the coherent completeness of the logical reasoning of the Logos, the Word, Christ.

Likewise, with Genesis 2. It reveals succinctly, but surely, every part of the human nature of humankind. From the neshama-mind to our dual nature coupled with free will (Two Trees and Choice), to the discipline and justice of our decisions (Life or Death depending on our choice of Trees). This chapter includes God’s RELATIONSHIP with humankind and His entire Plan of Salvation through the Man and the Woman representative of Christ and the Church.

The outcome of which is one flesh and human nature transformed into naked and not ashamed. In other terms, our human nature will be transformed into divine nature. The human mind is the focus of God’s attention and has been, is, and will be His transformative work throughout human civilization. Humankind will be dressed in the image and likeness of their Creator God.

Genesis 1 is a contemporary description of sustainable ecology that the world is clamoring about, without much progress. Genesis 2 is the foundation of the nurturing process of humankind based on family relationships. The human family in the image of the divine family, mirroring the way God works with humanity. This chapter reveals the principal roles and the inter-relationship of preeminent leadership and the eminent relational helpmeet. It shows how the two genders are to work together in harmony for their own well-being as well as that of their children, which they birth.

Genesis 1 and 2 explain our PHYSICAL world and ALL HUMAN BEINGS that populate it. These two chapters establish the foundation for living a wholesome life with proper rulership and right relations. Are we hearing or disdaining the Bible’s opening instruction?

This blog post is an excerpt from chapter 4.3 of the book Origin of Humankind.


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