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The beginning of a presentation sets the stage. Don’t miss or mess up the introduction. It reveals the keys to what you will discover.

Origin of the Universe, in the beginning,  cover of the fifth book of The Explanation series.

Origin of the Universe cover of the fifth book of The Explanation series. In the beginning.

The beginning, the first minutes, of a play or movie is crucial. The first few paragraphs and pages of a book are capital. They reveal the main character and set the foundation of the plot. Miss or mess up the beginning, and you’ll be off-course at the least and worst of all, maybe pointed in the wrong direction.
(Origin of the Universe, Epilogue)

This blog post is the epilogue to Origin of the Universe, the fourth book in The Explanation series. It explains WHY we need an outside source to answer all the WHY questions humankind grapples with but is at a loss to find coherent answers.

Interestingly, a recent edition of Le Point magazine, a weekly, here in France, similar to TIME, devoted a complete section to the Tale of Sapiens. Here’s part of the intro,

How distant is the past, when human genealogy was summed up by a majestic oak tree, each branch of which embodied a very distinct species! We are now dealing with a huge bush made up of tens, even hundreds, of totally intermingled impenetrable branches.

Science thought it had the beginning right. Recent archaeological finds around the world and via chromosomes have allowed them to trace a whole new story of humankind. And it’s far from over because of the intermingled, impenetrable branches. It’s a Gordian knot. The only way to untangle it is to cut through it as the legend of Alexander states. That’s what Genesis 1 accomplishes. This initial chapter of the Bible cuts to the core of the significant issues about planet Earth. The Explanation expounds on this foundational text.

Miss the beginning, the curtain-raising introduction, and it’ll take you a while to catch up. Worse yet, misinterpreting the first five minutes will lead you down the proverbial garden path.

Audit of Humankind ended, revealing the Gordian knot of Observation, Philosophy, Science, and Religion. The conflicting ideas no one has brought into focus. Genesis 1 does just that. It drives through this entanglement and focuses on the solutions, thanks to a fifth clear path and its Originator: theology and God.

Let’s see the first five minutes of the Bible plot. Here’s the chapter by chapter development of the Origin of the Universe. The beginning. The hashtags are for relevant added information online.

1. Theology   #OriginTheology

Inventory of the Universe revealed all the puzzle pieces we have to assemble correctly. From the vastness of outer space to the minuteness of the human mind and consciousness. Audit of the Universe did a state of the world analysis to see if the half-full glass is getting fuller or emptier of peace and prosperity. While they have increased externally, the interior, the mental, and spiritual welfare of humankind are wanting. Origin of the Universe addresses this missing dimension with answers and solutions.

To start with, we look at a known but fifth way of coming to knowledge and wisdom. Into Theology, a Fifth Approach to Life with Peace and Prosperity (1.1). We analyze the validity of the Source of said information, Deity and Sound, Reasoned Words are the Crux of Theology (1.2). Then we want to be sure we’re not just adding to, rather than cutting through the Gordian knot; Coherent Completeness is the Logical Reasoning of the s/Source (1.3). We want to make sense out of the confusion.

2. Sacred Books   #OriginSacredBooks   #OriginBible

One of the first items on the menu is making sure that our data is correct, Sacred books–There are Many–Will the Real Sacred Book Stand up Please (2.1). Verify this means the information is relevant to the 21st century. Why Questions are the First Questions to Ask about the Universe (2.2). Yes, our Sacred Book must answer the biggest puzzle of all times, The Why of Human Life: The Biggest Unanswered Question of All Time (2.3). This is really the beginning.

And especially why we humans are the mixed-up way we are, The Nagging Question: How do Humans Function and Affect the Universe? (2.4). When we find those answers, we know we possess a viable and reliable source of information, The Sacred Book (if it exists): Could it Possibly be the Bible? (2.5).

3. Biblical Hebrew #OriginBiblicalHebrew

The Bible is probably the most commented book in history. The Explanation series uses a unique approach in its commentary, Biblical Hebrew—An Amazing Language, both Simple and Deep at the Same Time (3.1). Sam Kneller and James Strong delve into the original document because Your Native Language does Not Render the Fullness of Biblical Hebrew (3.2). Each Biblical Hebrew Word is a Precious Jewel to be Discovered (3.3), exactly what The Explanation expounds. We get down to the nitty-gritty basics, Biblical Hebrew Roots, to Anchor your Bible Comprehension (3.4).

This book is not Sam’s translation or interpretation. He uses third-party sources that have withstood the test of time, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance—Valid Bible Study Aid, or not? (3.5). At the same time, Sam has developed a method and provides tools for you so you can do your own Bible study and check out everything he proposes. The idea is to help you be autonomous in your comprehension. Bible Tools to Unlock Bible Meaning—Using Biblical Hebrew with No Fuss (3.6). Do not take Sam’s word for it; check it out for yourself. Prove all things.

4. Introduction to the Main Characters of the Bible #OriginGod #OriginUniverse #OriginLife   #OriginHumanKind

We’ve got the basis; we’re on our way as the curtain rises. The opening tableau reveals a clear-cut new pathway to real solutions, Human Methods, and Divine methods to obtain Peace and Prosperity are Different (4.1). The personages in play, in the beginning, The Main Characters of our Play: Presentation of God and Humans (4.2). A Tree, even Two Trees to Represent God’s Intentions for Humankind (4.3).

Who’s in charge, the Producer and Director of the actors, Bible Hierarchy of our Two Key Characters: God and humans (4.4). And the ever-present bad guy, The Serpent, our Third Character, Makes his Grand Entry (4.5). The relative roles of each actor, Interplay between and Sentence of the Serpent, Man, and Woman (4.6) and their abode during the entire story of humankind on Earth, The Garden of Eden, gone, gone, gone forever, or is it? (4.7)

5. Goals: God, Humans, Serpent

Some might think that the world is a lost cause. Not so, God’s Goal – What’s the Point of The Bible Story? (5.1). The misunderstood seventh day and what happened, God Made Something on the Climactic 7th Day of Creation (5.2). Yes, God rested from the physical creation, but He was intensely involved in more important affairs, God Pursued His Work Resting with Adam and Eve Whom He Created to Make (5.3). God went about and is still going about spiritual creation, God ‘to do with’ His Work–to make them on 7th Day, to Take Care of His Creation (5.4). As Christ said, “My Father works hitherto, and I work” (John 5:17).

What about this third enigmatic character? The Serpent in the Bible—Is it Reality or some Fairy tale Created by and Foisted on Humans? (5.5). It seems that God’s Goal went Awry because of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden (5.6); no, God knows what He’s doing. The Serpent is playing out the role it’s supposed to. At the outset, in the first five minutes of the play, Adam and Eve were Naked. Can You Prove this also Means they had a Clear Mind? (5.7). But The Serpent Uses its Lying Nature to Separate Humanity from God (5.8). And thus begins the confusion of humankind, What on Earth is Humankind doing? In the Beginning, there were No Humans (5.9)

6. In Beginning, not in the beginning—Genesis 1.1

So, if there were no human beings at the start of God’s Plan, what happened first? Genesis Creation Starts with a Surprise, How About a Big Bang (6.1). How about THE Big Bang as described by Science and, believe it or not, the Bible. Genesis 1—Science with Big Bang and the Bible with Creation, in Accord? (6.2). Yes, they are in accord, and the next chapters will reveal. Formation of the Universe—Does the Bible Corroborate Big Bang, or not? (6.3). Here’s where the beauty of Biblical Hebrew, with its deeper meaning, shines through, Genesis of the Universe—Science and Bible Evidence Match in its Formation (6.4).

True, you need faith to believe both in God and a Creation, in the beginning, but you also need faith to believe in something from nothing, Stephen Hawking: A Universe from Nothing. Correct or Incorrect? (6.5). Origin of the sky and Earth’s atmosphere, Bible: The Heavens Above are Stretched Out. Is that Scientifically Accurate? (6.6). The narrative even includes our galaxy, and the other untold billions of astronomical phenomena, Formation of Celestial Bodies—One Biblical Hebrew Word Says it All (6.7).

One Bible book has more to say about this than Genesis, The Book of Job Reveals Details of Big Bang, and Formation of the Universe (6.8). One of the biggest enigmas for science is the perpetual expansion of the Universe, The Big Bang Universe—Can its Accelerating Expansion Come to an End? (6.9). Science and Theology: Agreement on Real Evidence for Big Bang (6.10), yes, they are and it had to start in the beginning.

7. Genesis: Bara = Creation

Shamayim, the Biblical Hebrew for heavens is plural, Heaven—Does it exist? Yes, in fact, There are Three Heavens (7.1). Earth, as we know, existed long before humans, there was a former beginning, The Earth, From the Beginning of Creation—As Beautiful As Ever (7.2). Unfortunately, it was the calm before the storm, Tohu va Bohu Signifies Confusion and Void—A Horrible State to Be In (7.3). There is a parallel world with powerful beings, but it isn’t the fiction about occupants of other planets, Alien Beings Existed Before Earth Over 4.5 Billion Years Ago (7.4).

One of them, Lucifer, had and has an important role and relationship with Earth, A Cherub is a Very Powerful Spirit Being. Fact or Fiction? (7.5). The path Lucifer chose didn’t work out the way it thought it would, Fallen from Heaven—The Fate of Lucifer (7.6). Talk about someone creating havoc, Darkness before Creation—Wrecked Planets and Asteroids (7.7). And Lucifer, transformed into darkness, is still at work upsetting the order to things, Ups and Downs—Order to Confusion to Order—The Bible Cycle (7.8)

8. Days of Creation

Now for the creation of the world as we know it, the beginning, Restore Earth, from Chaos to Harmony, in Preparation For… (8.1). In preparation for you and I, Creation: Environmentally friendly for Billions of Humans (8.2). Remember, we need resources that can provide 22 BILLION meals a day. That is multiple processes working together, in harmony, day after day. The days of Creation put those processes in motion. Let there be Light. The Story of Humankind Begins (8.3), the right temperature to support all life. Have we found another planet where there’s such stability? It was good, is a Translation Fiasco of God’s Actual Creation Statement (8.4).

Did the 24-hour day and the human sleeping cycle happen to correspond? Evening and Morning of the 1st Day—Here’s What it Means (8.5). What would we do without oxygen? Earth’s Firmament is its Atmosphere or Sky (8.6). Dry Land, Seas, and Flora. Why this Combination on Day 3 of Creation? (8.7), that’s ecology at its best. Chronobiology, another unique life process, is set in motion, Day 4 of Creation: Sun and Moon Establish Calendar (8.8). Everything is ready; all the resources are in place for the arrival of living creatures, Creation Day 5 and 6. God Created Fish, Fowl, and Fauna (8.9).

Genesis 1 lays the foundation for the beginning of life on Earth. It is a brief explanation preparing the way for the main Bible story character. The story of humankind, the subject of the next book in The Explanation series, Origin of Humankind.

This blog post is the Epilogue of the book Origin of the Universe.


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