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Sapiens means wise. Only humans have minds to think, be it positive or negative. Only humans have a history and a story.

Sapiens, the brief but true story of humankind. A couple of Bible chapters tell us the basics of the past, present and future of humankind.

Sapiens, the brief but true story of humankind. A couple of Bible chapters tell us the basics of the past, present, and future of humankind.

Homo Sapiens are the only living creatures who have a dynamic story. Animals live identical lives from generation to generation. Not so with homo sapiens. Their minds, (where does that originate?!) allow them to modify their environment in every shape and form. They can choose their destiny, be it the person they live with, their profession, their dwelling, their leisure activities, etc. Of course, not all humans have the same liberty of choice, but that’s another matter. Genesis 2 is the story of Sapiens, Homo Sapiens, Wise Man, Wise Humans.
(Origin of Woman, chapter 4.1)

Over the last 60 weeks in two books, The Explanation has expanded Genesis 2. We mastered the Biblical Hebrew to unlock the depths of Bible meaning. We now have the full story of God’s intention for Sapiens, Humankind. We don’t have all the account. For that, we have to continue our study into Genesis 3, and add the role of a paramount character, the Serpent, the Devil. Yes, it exists, more about it, and its devious ways in Agony of Humankind, and the Antidote, book 7 of The Explanation series.

This expounding or commentary on Genesis 2, entitled Origin of Woman, represents book 6 in The Explanation series. It follows Inventory of the Universe and Humankind, Audit of the Universe, Audit of Humankind, Origin of the Universe, and Origin of Humankind. Even If you’re a subscriber to The Explanation and read each article weekly, it would be hard to join all the dots. This blog post does just that. It takes all 60 chapters, with the links to each one, and relates the coherent completeness of the Story of Sapiens.

The whole, unadulterated story of Humankind, past, present, and future, told in Genesis 2; this is part of the first five minutes, a full story in itself. It needs Genesis 1 and Genesis 3 to be complete. The rest of the Bible gives the graphic details of Genesis chapters 1-3, from tohu va bohu to naked and not ashamed, from chaos and turmoil to wisdom and no confusion.

Sapiens is generally associated with homo, homo sapiens. Wise man, or preferably wise human. There are fundamentally two schools of thought as to how we obtain wisdom and become wise. There’s the do-it-yourself method. Or, the get-help from someone who knows-better-than-you method. The Explanation adopts the second method. Hence the Story of Humankind in Genesis 2.

Our story has eight sections over two books. Origin of Humankind (1-5), and Origin of Woman (1-3 plus the overviews of God’s plan). The narrative takes us from creation through to the ultimate union with God, coherent completeness, and one flesh. That’s the good news for the future. Here’s the entire story; use the links for the details.

Origin of Humankind – The Book

1. Creation of Human Beings

The story of humankind starts in Genesis 1:28 by answering the big question of the real origin of humanity. Were Humans Created, or did Humans Originate? Creation Day 6 (1.1). Right from this starting point, human reasoning that stands on observation, philosophy, and science parts company from believers in God. The development of Humankind takes two distinctly separate directions.

The Bible indicates Humans have the Likeness of God—What that Means (1.2) is that when you scrutinize humankind, you can see Godly features. Made in the Image of God—The Definition (1.3) is that humans are kin to God, not to animals. Humans were created in the image of God, in His Likeness (1.4).

They have all the singularities of God, of course, on a human level, like having the ability to plan, create, turn their thoughts and actions into projects and accomplishments. Human Beings—God Created them Equal but Different (1.5), of the seven billion people on Earth, no two are alike, even identical twins. Yet, before God, each one has and especially will have an equal opportunity to become His son or daughter.

Male Gender—Its Significance and Why God Created it (1.6). From his genitalia to his role, males have the preeminence. The significance is that the male represents Christ, and He had and has Preeminence. In Hebrew, male is zachar, which also means to remember. Men are to remember their origin, from God, and also that Christ’s Preeminence is that He came to serve (Luke 22.26-27). Likewise, with men.

The Female Gender — its Significance and Why God Created it (1.7). The Hebrew nekava signifies hole, her genitalia, which, along with her sexual processes, are complementary to the male preeminence. This same hole gives birth and is the only natural way to multiply the population of God’s future sons (males) and daughters (females). Males depend on females in that area and many others. The female, as such, saves humankind; and occupies a prominent position. The two genders are equal before God; each gender endowed with the complementary masculine and feminine characteristics of God their Father.

God gave the male and female dominance over all the inanimate and animate creation. Their goal is to Rule Earth – To Rule the World is God’s Purpose for Humans (1.8). In Audit of the Universe, we asked the question, is the glass of peace and prosperity getting fuller or emptier? It’s up to you to answer that question. Consider the state of rulership of this Earth. That is the barometer of how humans are accomplishing their God-given purpose.

There’s a second all-important role God has given humankind. God Blessed the Male and the Female – Here’s the Meaning (1.9). It is marriage; the underlying key is relationships. The relationship is the beginning, middle, and end of a marriage. If there’s no relationship between the man and woman, the marriage will not succeed; this is true, not only in marriage but in every aspect of life, personal, professional, and leisure. Relationships bring happiness and fulfillment, not so, with money and fame.

2. Why Create Humankind?

God created humans to Rule the World. Humankind is on Earth for that Purpose (2.1). Genesis 1 Reveals Basics: Social Relations & Rulership (2.2). Genesis 2 continues to expand and flesh out the fundamentals of Genesis 1.  Immediately after creating the man and the woman on the sixth day, On the Seventh Day, God Continues Finishing His Work (2.3). There’s no record of the origin of the seven-day week, except in the Bible. Creation Week Reveals God’s Plan. Remember it (2.4). The restoration of Earth and its preparation of humankind, which now consumes 21 000 000 000 meals a day (what planet has that type of resources?) allows us to establish the Timeline of History, The Universe, Earth, and Humankind (2.5).

At the beginning of Genesis 2, another VIP Figure appears on the scene, Yahweh or Yahveh. Meaning & Identity of God’s Name (2.6). There’s a plurality of Spirit Beings; One carries the name Yahweh Elohim. Discover This Inseparable Relationship (2.7). Why the Bible narrative digresses to water: Rain falls on Earth Entirely Because Yahveh Initiated It (2.8). That’s the introductory background for what most, even believers, consider a figurative or even fictitious story of creation. However, elsewhere, the Bible shows us The Foolishness of God’s Word is True Theology (2.9).

Get ready for Sapiens, the brief but true story of humankind.

3. Creation of Man and the Role of Neshama

The real origin of humanity started when God Created Man. Why the Bible says, God Formed Man (3.1). The composition of a human physical body is commonplace earth From Dust You Came. The Biblical Hebrew Meaning (3.2). The spark of life to animate the lump of clay came when God Breathed into the Nostrils of His Dust Man (3.3). The result of animated dust is a Soul, Nephesh, in Biblical Hebrew. Here’s the Definition (3.4). The Breath of Life God breathed into the first man is Neshama Reveals Humankind’s Relationship with God (3.5). Only God and humans (not animals) possess nishmat chayim. That’s plural for Many lives for You and Me? What the Bible Says (3.6).

Can science vanquish the anguish of death? Life and Death are Major Issues. Which One Prevails? (3.7). Life prevails because it’s plural and because God has a future for each human, but that’s another story. You and I, who can read and understand this, are unique creatures for the following reason: Neshama and Ruach Together Make Humans Human (3.8).

And so, we arrive at the biggest mystery with which both theology and science grapple. Neshama Meaning? The God-Given Human Mind (3.9). The mind, not the brain, is the key to the story. Genesis 2 and the creation of man is only ONE VERSE. But from the perspective of answering the question, WHO and WHAT is a human, Genesis 2:7 alone, contains the essential answer, neshama.

4. God’s Spirit and Man’s spirit

Animals and humans do have a unique spirit in common, Ruach, The Core Senses of Sentient Beings (4.1). God’s spirit. The ruach Animates all Living Beings (4.2). Just as the understanding of neshama is vital, so is that of ruach. Two spirits. God’s Spirit and the spirit in Humans (4.3). The opening verse of the Bible presents the nature of the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God MOVED on the Face of the Waters. Meaning? (4.4).

These are the first five minutes of the movie, the presentation of the characters and forces in play. A Spirit God is the Author, Producer, and Director. Here’s the understanding of His role compared to the human part, The Spirit Realm & the Physical Realm Interconnection (4.5). And, the powers at work. That put puny universal powers to shame, Fluctuation, or Frequency of the Power of the Spirit (4.6). Yet, human dust people in a dust universe have their role in this cosmic story, Material World, Spiritual World. Are They Compatible? (4.7). Genesis 2 tells us explicitly, WHO WE ARE, Human Person; this is What Defines You as Human (4.8).

5. Mind and the Theory of Everything

Solving the mystery of the human mind. Genesis 2 is down-to-earth. It answers the big questions in life. What confers on homo sapiens their intelligence? Human Mind and Mind Power. Neshama and Ruach (5.1). God is a hands-on caring Creator, The Holy Spirit of God. Its Interrelationship with Humans (5.2). Animals are in the equation, they do have capacities but nothing like humans, here’s why, Animal Spirit is Not Spirit Animal, But They are Related (5.3). The reality of what God gave humans at the instant of their creation, Human Software – God Breathed Neshama into Adam (5.4). Science naturally focuses on the brain, but what about the unseen and immeasurable? Human Brain. Its Role in Consciousness and Mind (5.5).

Beyond the mathematical formulas of the physical forces that hold the Universe together, lies something which clenches the physical and spiritual into a tightly knit unit, The Theory of Everything. Universe and Consciousness (5.6). In the end, the physical decays; that’s not God’s emphasis, the material is a means to the end. That end is spiritual and involves the spirit component in humans. Understanding the Human Mind. Key to God’s Plan (5.7).

Origin of Woman – The Book

1. In the Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden, myth, or reality? God had and has a special place for humans. Garden of Eden. Represents Much More than a Garden (1.1). And along comes Evil. God Deliberately Allowed it in the Garden of Eden. Here’s Why? (1.2). But there’s also a refreshing River of Living Water. The Profound Spiritual Meaning (1.3). That river is the head of the Four Rivers of Eden. Beginning of World Geography (1.4). Not only world geography, but especially the spiritual satiation and nourishment of the entire world.

In this sumptuous Garden, God places the man and woman and a question arises, Dress and Keep Garden of Eden. Man Destined to be a Gardener? (1.5). Why the emphasis on trees? Trees in Eden – Significance of Biblical Hebrew “Tree” (1.6). Amazingly,, immediately at the beginning, in the paradisiac Garden of Eden, there’s evidence of evil, The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Meaning (1.7). Whether it’s the tree or the imminent arrival of the Serpent, Bible readers wonder if God Created Evil. NO, He didn’t; God Only Creates Good (1.8).

2. Creation of Woman

The last eight verses of (compared to only one for the man), of Genesis 2 throw the limelight on the creation of woman, Women in the Bible, the Strangest Creation Story. Why? (2.1). Without the woman, God’s plan is dead in the water. Her arrival is not only complementary to the man but has significant other meaning. One of a Kind: Woman, Man, Couple, Church, Yahveh, Elohim. Lesson? (2.2). God Created Woman and Reveals Humankind’s Future (2.3). She is both the complement to the man and Christ as representing the Church. But, like the man, she has a specific place on the chessboard, Helpmeet, The Surprising God Given Role of Woman (2.4).

To fulfill this role, she has been very specially endowed. God Made a Woman. The Feminine Moment. Discover the Meaning (2.5). We’re talking about the woman, but there’s also something vastly superior taking place. I will Build My Church = Yahweh Built the Woman (2.6). Genesis 2 and the Old Testament are not outmoded. They teach the balanced view of what it means to be feminine, Proverbs 31, Feminism, and Women’s Rights. What Mix? (2.7). A good home, with a good husband and wife who can procreate, is the epitome of what relationships and rulership are all about, Song of Solomon, Friends, and Lovers, Love and Sex (2.8).

3. Ultimate Union

The conclusion of Genesis 2 is grandiose. The closeness and unity of the man and woman are bound indelibly, Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. What’s the Relation to Womanhood? (3.1). The man and the woman are in step with each other. They’ve learned to walk side-by-side as a bound twosome, Marriage Relationship. Man & Woman. In Front, Beside, or Behind? (3.2). This unity goes far beyond the physical relationship of marriage. It is the good news of the binding of Jesus Christ, the Second Man, with His Wife, the Bride, the Church to live eternally, One Flesh – Ultimately, Inseparable – Together Forever (3.3).

This phase of God’s plan involving humans ends most positively. Creation Story Conclusion: Naked and Not Ashamed. That’s It?! (3.4). This correct, but inadequate translation, hides the Wisdom and No Confusion this verse epitomizes. The story of homo sapiens, wise man, wise humans, will take them from the dust people they are, counting on their wisdom on a trajectory to Deus Sapiens, Wise Gods. The conclusion is Sons and Daughters endowed with God’s Wisdom, Ruling in a perfect Godly Family Relationship.

The rest of the Bible Story gives us the details of that pathway.

This blog post is an excerpt from chapter 4.1 of the book Origin of Woman.


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