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Search Google for ‘space time’ and all the answers will only be about physics and mathematics. Big Mistake. Humankind’s daily life and space time are inseparable. Everything you do every day is space time management.

Space time is not just scientific jargon. Only humankind tries to manage their own little corner of space time in the universe

Space time is not just scientific jargon. Only humankind tries to manage their own little corner of space time in the universe.

Space time is not just an incomprehensible scientific theory for ordinary people which will turn off the average person and even most intellectuals. This phenomenon is actually a day-to-day, minute-by-minute real-life singularity that affects each and every human being. Here’s what you’ve never been taught about space-time.
(Audit of Humankind, chapter 1.2)

Space time is actually a day-to-day, minute-by-minute real-life singularity that affects each and every human being. Here's what you've never been taught about space time. Click To Tweet

We’re discussing space-time in the context of what characterizes each human and nothing else. The Explanation is out to answer the question: How can we bring peace and prosperity to Humankind? Well, if you don’t know what the essence of humankind is, how can you begin to answer that question. That’s why The Explanation is establishing the basics… some you won’t even find elsewhere.

What is a human being? Think about it, define it. Here’s what the Oxford dictionary says:

A man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.

That’s true but it is as far from a full definition as Sirius–the brightest star in Earth’s night sky–is from our planet: 8,611 light year. That is very far.

In Inventory of the Universe I elaborated some of the differences between animals and humankind. You might think that’s all there is. Well, it barely scratches the surface and was only to whet your appetite.  That’s why this chapter of Audit of the Universe gives you a much more complete answer.

We’ve spent the last two weeks discussing one trait pinpointing the singularity of humankind: individually and collectively humans are two-faced. As humans we are inhabited by dual nature which is capable of the goodest of good and the baddest of bad. Each of us possesses various degrees of both these ingredients.

that is one of our innermost human characteristics, one which we don’t discuss much, maybe because it’s a bit embarrassing–to admit we possess a ‘faulty-dark-side.’

Managing your very own bit of space is a human singularity.

Today I want to zoom out, way out and look at another unique distinctive human propensity. Each of us–every single human being–rules and manages their own little environment. We have authority over our own little piece of space and time. When I use the term space and time, we immediately think in terms of astrophysics, cosmology, Einstein and Hawking. Such meta-concepts are well beyond the vast majority of us–including myself. We don’t bring the idea down to our everyday lives. Yet, it is so present.

Another unique distinctive human feature is: Each of us--every single human being--rules and manages their own little environment. We have authority over our own little piece of space time. Click To Tweet


In the chapter of Inventory of the Universe about Our Earth, I pointed out how everything humankind does is associated with the physical components of our planet. I stated that our 24/7/365 activity is basically broken down into 4 areas: work / eat / play / sleep. I’d like to adjust that to work / play / sleep–each 24 hour day we devote about eight hours to each of these endeavors. I defined play as all of our non-work-non-sleep activities, and that really also includes eating.

Except for a few dozen astronauts all of us have lived all our lives on Earth. That is our collective space. Each of us has our work-space, It can be an office, factory, truck, airport, ship … wherever you spend your working hours (by the way that’s the time part of the space time equation … which we’ll get to). That space includes everything, every physical item within that space that you use to do your work, including the ‘invisibles’ like the air you breathe, the electricity to run the tools, the odors in the kitchen or the heat in the gymnasium.

If your’e a mechanic then that includes your workbench, tools, electronic equipment and the car, locomotive… you’re building or whatever you’re doing maintenance on.


Age and chronology are fundamental notions of time. History is how long ago (how much time) an event is dated. We talk about the chronological order of events leading to a crime, the timeframe for the accomplishment of a project or the Gantt chart and flow-chart for plotting the construction stages of a building. We project (time) the opening of a new shopping mall and sometimes (time) have to postpone (time) it because of delays (time).

We clock-in (time) on arrival at work and time-stamp (time) important registered letters. We are punctual (time) for a departing train and sometimes late (time) with paying taxes. We procrastinate (time) when it comes to cleaning the house (I do!). Most count time by wearing a wrist-watch–that’s how aware we are of this commodity.

Everything we do (space) involves the notion of time. Human beings cannot remove themselves from the space time equation. Time flies and we have to make the best use of the space we manage.

Time magazine was the first weekly news (narrative of something in space at a certain time) magazine (notion of space, the use of paper, ink, printing, delivery…) in the United States. The idea was so the essential news could be digested by a busy person in an hour (notion of time). Hence the name Time and the use of the slogan “Take Time–It’s Brief”. This is the micro-investigation of space time. Of course there are shorter periods of space time: Phenomena like Usain Bolt’s 19.19 seconds (time) one-hundred meter (space) world record.

Brief History of Time From Big Bang to Black Holes by Stephen Hawking is the history of the universe in a chronological fashion. It is a macro-investigation of space time for the layman which has become a best seller. In the Hawking dimension we know the universe is expanding (notion of space) at a certain rate (notion of time) which is faster (notion of time) than the speed (time) of light (space).

All humans are constantly juggling the space time equation.

Some have wondered about when (time) I started thinking about and writing The Explanation series? (space) What was the chronology (time) for deciding on and then obtaining the various domain names (my space address) like (which belonged to a rock group with this name), and were immediately available and finally, (which belonged to someone who had a theory on its origin). It took about five years (time) before I was satisfied and settled on those names. They had to be short, memorable and totally related to the subject.

It was also at a time when I ran into the writings (actually a TED Talk) (space) of Simon Sinek on What, How and Why and realized that these three titles fit that schema: Inventory = What; Audit = How; Origin = Why. That’s the space time or brief history of how I use myspace and mytime with regard to these blog posts which will eventually be the next five books in The Explanation Series.

Just like the six-armed lady in the image above, with a watch on one of her wrists, each one of us is continually figuring out how best to use our time: How long (time) will it take me to do my homework (space). Please buy me a bottle of water (space) when (time) you go to the store. When does the train (space) leave (time) for Birmingham?

Anytime you talk about ‘time-saving’ you’re managing your time… using some sort of space. Anytime you talk about ‘saving resources’ you’re managing space over a period of time. There are shelves of books on space time-management. Being more effective at work and play are best-seller subjects.

Anytime you talk about 'time-saving' you're managing your time... using some sort of space. Anytime you talk about 'saving resources' you're managing space over a period of time. Click To Tweet

We are all managers and rulers of space time, individually and collectively.

Space Time and Dual Nature – and explosive mix

At the most basic level these two characteristics, our dual nature coupled with our space time management, are the reason we are having such difficulty attaining peace and prosperity. Our management or mismanagement of either space or time or both is sometimes drawn downward, sometimes upward by our dual nature. Individually and collectively we are all at different stages in this equilibrium.

This infinite mixture of myspace-mytime-myway — our individual and collective combustibles — makes for the variegated and often opposing worldviews we contemplate today and wonder how it will pan out tomorrow. It’s at the origin of the tumultuous and volatile times we live in.

This infinite mixture of myspace-mytime-myway--our individual and collective combustibles--makes for the variegated and often opposing worldviews and is at the origin of the tumultuous and volatile times we live in. Click To Tweet

Let’s just say, for now, that if the tendency is downward individually or collectively the glass of peace and prosperity is getting emptier and if the tendency is upward it is getting fuller.

Besides our double nature and space time management there are other singularities of humankind you need to be aware of.
This blog post is an excerpt from chapter 1.3 of the book Audit of Humankind


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