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Genesis chapters 1 and 2 reveal the foundation of knowledge for the big questions in life.  Why is there Space and Time? What does it mean to be Human? What is Mind? Why are Humans on Earth?

Genesis chapters 1 and 2. An overview of the perfectly assembled puzzle with The Explanation

Genesis chapters 1 and 2. An overview of the perfectly assembled puzzle with The Explanation

Genesis chapters 1 and 2 are fundamental literature. The Biblical Hebrew reveals all the reasons for Human presence on our planet. This narrative answers all the big questions Science, Philosophy, and Religion, haggle over. This profound introduction to the Sacred Book plots the coherent completeness of God’s Plan for humankind.
(Origin of Humankind, Epilogue)

The epilogue of Origin of Humankind gives you an overview, a worldview, or even a universeview, of the main issues dealt with in this narrative. We are going to assemble all the major pieces of the puzzle. In so doing, they answer the question, How would you bring peace and prosperity to Earth? We’re going to step back and visualize the assembled whole puzzle, 20/20 vision of the Universe and Humankind.

These two chapters are the starting point for all the journeys we wish to make with our individual lives; this is the robust framework on which we can hang all our ideas, plans, hopes, dreams, and future. At the same time, this is what should be the rock-solid foundation of Science, Philosophy, and Religion; this is real Theology.

Here are the overall highlights of Genesis chapters 1 and 2. These keys are the essentials to remember. They are the foundation and skeleton of a correct worldview. These are the roots of the rest of the Bible, Human Life, Peace, and Prosperity.

  1. Space – Creation of living space (resources to sustain life) for Humans. Creation Days 1-3
  2. Time – Creation of the calendar with seasons. Creation Day 4
  3. Life – Creation of Fauna Life on Earth. Creation Day 5-6
  4. Humans – Creation of Male and Female in God’s Image. Creation Day 6
  5. Mind – The KEY factor. Neshama sets humankind apart from animalkind and makes us Godkind. Creation Day 6
  6. Relationships, Rulership. The goal of what humankind is to achieve on Earth. Creation Day 6
  7. Sabbath – Day of Peace of Mind. Real theology, presence of Godly wisdom, and absence of confusion. Ceasing from Human ways. Resting in God’s ways. Creation Day 7

The Explanation series has outlined this 7-step schema. The first three books, Inventory of the Universe, Audit of the Universe, and Audit of Humankind, went in-depth to paint a realistic worldview. These books focus on a human point-of-view. They tell the story of humankind from a HUMAN viewpoint (observation, philosophy, science, religion). The fourth and fifth books, Origin of the Universe and Origin of Humankind, developed Genesis chapters 1 and 2, based on the meaning of Biblical Hebrew. They tell the story of humankind from a GODLY viewpoint (Theology). The first three books ASK all the unanswered why questions. The last two books ANSWER all the why questions.

Below is a chart outlining a more detailed eighteen steps of God’s Plan with references to the chapters in each of the six books and links to the relevant sections for online consultation. This schema paints the coherent completeness of the Plan of God for humankind. It tells us about our past, present, and future. It gives us the solid outline by which each human being worldwide can guide their lives.

The key points to grasp are 10 and 11 A, B, C. They reveal the difference between animals, humans, and God and show that humans are Godkind, not animalkind. The reason for this is that ONLY humans and God possess NESHAMA, which endows humankind with consciousness and the human mind.

In the table below, the six books are Inventory of the Universe (1). Audit of the Universe (2). Audit of Humankind (3). Origin of the Universe (4 – a commentary on Genesis 1). Origin of Humankind (5 – a commentary on the beginning of Genesis 2). Origin of Woman (6 – a commentary on the end of Genesis 2).

6 Books – The Explanation series
Giant Steps for Humankind 1
Inven Univ
Audit Univ
Audit Hum
Orig Univ
Orig Hum
Orig Wom
Genesis chapters 1 and 2
Bible verses
Creation Events
1 Space 1 1 6+7
1 Big Bang – Gen. 1:1
Let there be light – Gen. 1:3
2 Atmosphere 2 2 8.6 2 Firmament, heaven – Gen. 1:6
3 Water 3 3 8.7 3 Seas, freshwater – Gen. 1:9
4 Land 4 4 8.7 3 Dry land – Gen. 1:9
5 Flora 5 5 8.7 2.8 3 Grass, fruit trees – Gen. 1:11
First 3 days = Creation of Resources for Life on Earth – Space
6 Sun, moon Measure time 8.8 4 Time: Seasons, calendar. – Gen. 1:14
4th day = Creation of Time
7 Fauna 6 6 8.9 5+6 Fish, fowl, animals – Gen. 1:24-25
8 Life 7 7 1 1.1 5+6 What is Life?
9 Body – Brain 8 8 2 1.5-7
6 Male, Female, Humans = Godkind – Gen. 1:26-27
Man = dust – Gen. 2:7
10 Brain – Mind 9 9 3 3.5-5.7 6 Neshama = Consciousness, Mind, Gen. 2:7
Brain – Mind issue solved
11A Animal-Human comparison 10 1.4 6 Animals after their kind – Gen. 1:25,28
Humans after Godkind – Gen. 1:27
11B Who is God 4&5 2.6-7 6  Intro to Relationships: God-Humans-Serpent
Elohim – Yahveh
11C Human-God Comparison 1.2-4 6 Humans in God’s image & likeness – Gen. 1:26-27
Animalkind-Humankind-Godkind comparison
>> Key to Understanding
12 Singularities of Humans – Result of possessing neshama – mind 4 6 9 Singularities that characterize humans alone:

1. Dual nature
2. Mastering our time and space
3. Creativity
4. Imagination
5. Learning
6. Choice
7. Progress, improvement
8. Challenges with courage
9. Rule life responsibly
13 How Humans Function 5 1.1-8 6 7 Steps for humans to reach peace with themselves and others:

1. Human nature
2, Free choice
3. Behavior
4. Ethics
5. Justice
6. Self-reproach
7, Forgiveness

> Humans in Garden of Eden, 2 trees, 4 rivers – Gen. 2:8-14
> Dress and keep it, (love God, do His will) – Gen. 2:15 (human nature: ethics + choices = behavior)
> Freely eat – Gen. 2:16 (choice)
> Eat of the wrong Tree and surely die (justice) – Gen. 2:17
> Creation of Woman through whom Humanity is saved. (self-reproach/repentance, forgiveness)

14 How Humans Socialize 6 2.2 2.1-8
6 Relationships
> In God’s image and likeness, male and female – Gen. 1:26-27
> Not good alone (social being/mankind-ONE family) – Gen. 2:18-20 companion for man, helpmeetbone of my bones, one flesh, cleave.
15 How Humans Rule 7 1.8
6 Rulership
> Human Government, national & international peace & prosperity
> Subdue, Dominion – Gen. 1:27-28-2,1,18 1Corinthians 13:4-7
16 How Humans Reason 8 4.1-3 6&7 4 Reasoning Methods used by the human mind
1. Observation
2. Philosophy
3. Science
4. Religion
17 How God Reasons 1 > 5 > Real Theology – To REASON God’s way, not the human way.
> Bible = knowledge and wisdom, mind and God’s Word
18 Sabbath cease and rest 5.4 2.3 3.4
7 > God rested with creation to do, to make humans – Gen. 2:2-4
> Sabbath Rest Restored, Unity with God through Christ – Gen. 2:24
> Naked, not ashamed, Wise mind, no confusion – Gen. 2:25
> Establishment of Humans at Peace with God & Earth
> Godkind animated by Godly Relationships & Rulership

Yes, it will take time to fathom the schema of Genesis chapters 1 and 2 concerning the real world in which we live. But, such a study will be worth every moment of your valuable time. The foundation covers vast but essential subjects. In a day and age of data tweets, and scanty social media, TV, and radio coverage represent the mainstream of information, you need coherent completeness. First, we need to plant the trunk of the tree with its roots BEFORE we haggle over twigs and leaves.

If we can’t answer the why questions, how can we expect to answer the what and how? The above schema is designed to answer the why questions. The column on the right directs you to the fundamental understanding of coherent completeness. Space lacks to detail the finer points. For instance, the seven-step process of how humans function is not a shot-in-the-dark list of characteristics. It is the outline of the Feast Days elaborated in the Old Testament, which needs to be developed and amplified.

Where is Humankind Today?

The 7 points above are the most fundamental issues today that face humanity. Observation, Science, Philosophy, Religion pour over these subjects jostling for positions of preeminence. But, they are not bringing viable applicable solutions to the table.

  1. Space – Sustainment of life resources of the planet. Ecology, sustainable economy.
  2. Time – Climate change has upset our seasons. We no longer govern how we use our time.
  3. Life – While we promote AI and transhumanism, human bodies and minds are in a state of anxiousness.
  4. Humans – #MeToo is the visible tip of the melting iceberg of understanding gender and their respective roles
  5. Mind – The KEY factor. We flounder around with patchwork ideas about the enigma of all times.
  6. Relationships, Rulership. We are witnessing the disintegration of Family, Government, and Society worldwide.
  7. Sabbath – Less and less peace of mind. More and more instant solutions (pills, technology, yoga, books of rules, etc.) from the thinkers and gurus.

Society is further and further removed from the reality of Genesis chapters 1 and 2. The basis for knowing how to live happy and prosperous lives.

The bottom line is Humankind is following a path diametrically opposed to ALL the above seven fundamentals. We, on Earth, are putting every effort into doing the opposite of point 7. Instead of God’s Word (real theology, wisdom, and order), we’re establishing human words, we’re following human ways, and frowning on God’s principles. Result: Instead of Peace of Mind, we’re the generation of Stress of Mind. And saying stress of mind is probably the understatement of the year.

Relationships and Rulership are in shambles. It’s a worldwide plague, and the world population is paying a massive physical and mental price for this mismanagement. The world tries to apply its solutions, AI, transhumanism, drugs, mind manipulation. Yes, they’ll give short-term relief, but like infected sores patched with bandaids, they’ll come back to haunt us with a vicious bite. This vicious bite is the crux of Genesis 3, the next book in The Explanation series. The Agony of Humankind, and we’re in the throes of it in the 21st century.

In a world of relational, governmental, scientific, philosophical, religious cacophonic confusion, I have outlined in the two Audit books. They took each one of those pieces and analyzed its state. How is it doing at the beginning of the 20th century? Is the glass of peace and prosperity for each of these pieces getting fuller or emptier?

An interviewer asked Jared Diamond, do you think humanity is going to make it to the next level? He answered, there’s a 51% yes and 49% no chance for humankind pulling it off. Today, an Audit of the Universe changes those odds 51% against and 49% for humanity pulling it off. The doomsday clock is at two minutes before midnight. Scientists will announce a new time, but the year has not been a good one for the cohesiveness of our planet.

It sounds like bad news. Well, from a purely human point of view, I can understand that. But The Explanation does NOT come from that point of view. It presents a theological outlook which, of course, throws a curveball at Jared Diamond, Yuval Harari, Steven Pinker, and similar types of approaches.

The world has a semblance of order, granted. There is good, plenty of good in the world. There is progress, as Diamond says in the above video. Nobody denies that, but there’s an underlying state of tohu and bohu. Daily news and headlines scream out these examples. Humankind hasn’t, can’t, and won’t accept that we’re on a downhill slide of our values and morals.

You can find relief and refuge in the coherent completeness of Genesis chapters 1 and 2, explained in the three Origin books.

In conclusion, remember this. The first human created was the male, in Biblical Hebrew zachar, which means REMEMBER. Humankind is to recognize its ORIGIN, its Creation. As well as its FUTURE, the meaning of the seventh day of the week, the Sabbath day. Our ORIGIN is God; Our FUTURE is to CEASE from human ways and REST in God’s ways. REMEMBER that Humankind ORIGINATED from God and will FINISH with God.

Humanity has a difficult time seeing that finish-line, but Genesis chapters 1 and 2 state that it is there. Humankind is still running the race and will get there. For your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, REMEMBER and mediate on the Sabbath. It is the finish-line of peace and prosperity of humankind with God.

This blog post is an excerpt from the Epilogue of the book Origin of Humankind.


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