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Psychotherapy is getting practical. It’s how you work with your own or someone else’s neshama and ruach, consciousness, and mind.

Basic psychotherapy guidelines for beneficial health.

If you’re a parent, teacher, coach, guide, supervisor, manager, employer, or in any position where you have any responsibility for the well-being or influence of another human being, then you practice psychotherapy.
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So, how to be practical, to the point, simple and efficient is the name of the game in a (very) fast-moving world.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist and am not competent to prescribe mental health advice. This is the Biblical explanation of preventative means that will lessen anxiety and enhance mental health. This is not a magic wand, a five-minute solution. It gets to the root causes and reveals how to fertilize them appropriately to grow a vibrant, stable society where individuals function with healthy bodies and wholesome minds.

Another key factor is all of us carry baggage, heredity, cultural, traditional, national, and personal baggage that weighs on us physically and mentally. It’s often this weight that we can’t shed or lighten the load. The psychotherapy help we give is aimed at reducing that load. It can be a lengthy process. So the major principle is to

  1. Take one little step at a time. A long journey starts with one little step.
  2. In individual psychotherapy, discuss or encourage what the ONE priority aspect of their life is that needs help. Agree on a little step to make progress and then monitor that step.
  3. We might have to be flexible in defining what that first step is. If you hit a brick wall with the individual, try another approach. For instance, an individual might not like construction but enjoys cooking or dancing. If the activity and the little steps are law-abiding, assist them on their journey.

Here are the five aspects of consciousness that identify every human on Earth. Each person activatesPsychology is the neshama and ruach tempered by God's Word. their consciousness via their mind based on their internal and external influences.

Below are the five fundamental aspects of consciousness and the practical everyday application by the mind. The final diagram reveals the psyche under the benevolent umbrella of God’s Logos: practical, efficient, godly psychology.

  1. The Purpose of Life (Chapter 15 of Mind-Body Problem Solved)

For a human to flourish, they must know their life’s purpose. Education, in all its forms, from parenting to teaching, to maturing, to growing up, to apprenticing, to educating, to mentoring, to forming, to training, to development, to whatever we input into an individual’s psyche, must first and foremost be to enhance that person’s purpose of life.

Truth, love, authority, courage, power, intelligence, travel, experiences, etc., are not the purpose of life. They are tools we use to enhance and reach our purpose in life. Education is not about facts, exams, and diplomas. Yes, those are necessary, but they are stepping stones to helping young and old to KNOW and ACCOMPLISH their purpose in life.

Your purpose of life is that overriding desire to do something in line with your personal ambitions, education, and skills. It is what motivates you to get out of bed, to think and plan your future. It’s what you really want to do with your life.

Our imagination, choices, creativity, learning, growth mindset, and challenges lead us there. We are fulfilled, happy, and at peace because of the combination of our 24-hour daily activities. Our work time, leisure time, home time, and bedtime satisfy our needs for ourselves and those around us.

Psychotherapy and education should put all people on track to their individual purpose in life.

  1. How Humans Function (16)

Psychology’s role is to help people align their purpose and their nature. When these two work in tandem a person begins to see positive results in their life. Imagine transforming from a twisted personal and/or professional life (purpose), and a conflictual mode with outside people and inner self-doubt (human nature). Putting your personal conflicts and professional misgivings in order is a pathway to reduced anxiety and depression.

When psychologists have to intervene, we’re dealing with rehabilitation. Prevention is a much better solution, and that comes firstly from parenting and secondly from schooling. It’s up to parents to help their children understand their dual nature (1st step in how they function), make wise choices (2), and behave decently (3). As overseers, parents set rules (4) and apply rewards and discipline (justice 5). There’s always room for change (6) and, without fail, forgiveness (7). The entire 7-step procedure is called love.

The rules and behavior for how human life functions are found in the book of Proverbs. This father-to-son fireside chat contains the most elementary ethics for a fruitful and happy life. There’s not one single injunction that is not valid in the 21st century.

Psychotherapy’s responsibility is to help fellow humans function law-abidingly, finding their place in the fabric of society. 

  1. Social Relationships (17) Psychotherapy aids people in establishing or reestablishing social bonds with those close to and around them.

Please listen to Jordan Peterson on loneliness and intimate connections, his advice is sound. But beyond the advice, statistics, the characteristics of singles, and their interactions I want you to understand that social relationships are taken for granted as a defining element of all humans planetwide. There’s no doubt humans are social creatures.

There are many wonderful families with husband-wife, father-mother, and children assuming the benefits and responsibilities of family life, thankfully. But, in general, with wayward dating and sex, divorce, parenting, delinquency, and dysfunctioning adults, we’re paying a high societal price. The psychologist’s role is to help people get back to the basics of social relationships.

  1. Human Rulership (18) needs to be piloted by God’s Word in the following areas. 

Psychology and Human Rulership. Most humans crave to know how to manage themselves and others better. There are many good books on this subject. Here are four best-sellers 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Harari, The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene, Behave, the Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst by Robert Sapolsky, and 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B Peterson.

This brief section on psychology is designed to show how all people worldwide can benefit from such teaching. It is a non-biblical perspective that is helpful for the general public. There are many other books in this field. In fact, we live in an era of life coaches, people who imagine rules of life for social relationships and management.

  1. Reasoning (19) These areas must be governed by God’s Word.

Theological reasoning should be the basis of real education and respect for God and His wisdom, as Proverbs tells us.

Proverbs 9:10

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding (H998 from H995).

Knowledge of the holy is proper theology, the fifth of the five types of reasoning.

We must realize 100% He, God, has understanding (H995).

He is Neshama, the ultimate Consciousness and Foundation.

He’s embedded a portion of His neshama in each one of us. That consciousness endows you and me with a purpose in life, human functions, social relationships, and reasoning powers.

We must learn not to reason according to our imagination but according to the knowledge of the holy, the fitting one of the five types of reasoning.

Psychotherapy is the five properties of neshama activated by the ruach, the fundamental elements of our consciousness developed by our mind power in accord with God’s Word for the well-being of all individuals regardless of their belief in Him. The power of proper psychotherapy based on the Bible can establish, improve, and maintain the mental health of all people, regardless of their culture and beliefs.


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