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COnsciousness and Mind, Psychology And Sound Spirituality (COMPASS). Your Mind Transformation too.

Mind transformation. First steps to get over anxiety and depression.

Here’s a pragmatic method to begin preventing and healing mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Activities that include all five aspects of consciousness and can be practiced at all ages with no experience or advanced levels of competency. That’s the ideal. Cooking and sports come to mind as themes that fit these criteria.
(Epilogue 2 Mind-Body Problem SolvedTable of Contents)

I’ve basically finished the book Mind-Body Problem Solved. The ebook is already on sale

However, I wasn’t satisfied with the way it ends. The last chapters introduce the COMPASS COnscience and Mind in Psychology and Sound Spirituality. And in the book description, I add “Get your COMPASS.” Then, the final Epilogue is entitled: “Practical Mind Transformation. First steps” but I don’t think it expresses the COMPASS clearly enough.

Here’s what I’d like to end with; please tell me what you think and give any suggestions.

There are others like games and art, but the former have the added value of improving health and helping people become self-dependant in areas that impact us daily. They are worldwide occupations that necessitate little equipment and can be practiced by everyone anywhere. They could even lead to a money-earning occupation. There are many other ideas.

So, let’s plot your COMPASS course.

Think about a ship leaving port and heading to its destination.

  1. It must know its END destination
  2. It must know how to get out of its present port. For this maneuver, its second-by-second surveillance often requires a local pilot and even tug-boats

That is the same as the trip of life.

  1. What is your FUTURE destination for:
    1. Your PURPOSE in life: Train-driver, derelict, doctor, social worker, artist
    2. How you will FUNCTION as a human being: behavior, readiness to change your actions, how you handle others’ mistakes
    3. Your SOCIALIZATION: Single, married, divorced, integrated into society
    4. Your RULERSHIP: In control of yourself and your surroundings, salaried, independent
    5. Your REASONING: Based on rumors, fake news, erroneous information, truth

Those are big destination decisions where you’ll be navigating some rough waters. You’ll gain experience during the trip and make course changes to keep on track. You must know yourself, your capacities, and your mindset. You cannot do this alone, but you are ultimately responsible in all these areas to reach the proper ports of call and, finally, your destination.

You don’t have to make FINAL destination choices at age 18, 20, or even 30, but you need an excellent idea of some intermediary ports, or you will be doing circles in shark-infested waters. Goals change; it’s flexible steadfastness.

  1. How are you maneuvering to get out of the harbor TODAY? In the next hour? NOW?
    1. Your PURPOSE today: What’s today’s ONE step forward toward becoming a train driver, derelict, doctor, social worker, or artist?
    2. How will you FUNCTION in the next few minutes as a human being: your choices, accepting your errors, and making amends?
    3. Your SOCIALIZATION: What will be your subsequent five exchanges with people around you? Your mate, parents, children, colleague, person in the street.
    4. Your RULERSHIP: What will be your following three decisions in managing yourself and your surroundings? Will it improve or degrade your life?
    5. Your REASONING: How will your mind react and weigh the following two thoughts, situations, news, and information that come your way?

With your COMPASS in hand, you can modify a course, even one small degree, to align yourself in the right direction. As a parent, psychologist, teacher, manager, or coach, it’s your responsibility to help point a child, patient, student, employee, or client in the right direction and show them HOW to take the FIRST step. Help them DEVELOP a plan and receive the TRAINING and EQUIPMENT necessary to cast off from the dock.

The five primary areas of life are daunting and may be beyond you. That’s ok. Choose one domain and take just a short footstep in the right direction. Cast off just ONE of the ropes attached to the moorings, the first detaching of a shackle imprisoning you in the harbor. Jump the first, even lowest, hurdle in front of you. That’s your initial victory.

Realize you did it. Help the person monitor their performance, even if you/they make a mistake. A cruise starts with one maneuver.

Map out the subsequent two or three actions to get out of port. Break it down, ONE stage at a time, the what and how you’ll accomplish it. Do not overwhelm yourself or another person. Time is not the significant factor here; the person and their initial stride forward are.

A mistake in accomplishing the task is not a critical issue here; trying is; we all make mistakes. Analyze why the person tripped over the hurdle and how I can help myself or the person jump better. Maybe reduce the height. Perhaps you need to add a stage you hadn’t thought of, like getting a more adapted pair of shoes or doing some leg-muscle building first if you’re helping a sedentary person become more active.

My Departure: Myself, coach, manager, employer, teacher, parent, adult, adolescent, child.

  • Consider their age, mental level, intellectual, and manual skills
  • Consider whether you’re proposing personal, spiritual, and/or civic advice
  • Consider establishing a detailed how to to reach each benchmark
  • Make each step attainable quickly so they can know they’ve crossed the finish line
  • Discuss the stage with them. It cannot be imposed. It must be their free-will choice
  • They’re responsible for their decision. They set the goal and are accountable

My COMPASS worksheet

Download (Google Doc) and give a printed copy to the adventurer so they can plot and follow their cruise.

You’ll find more details and examples about COMPASS there, and you can leave comments and suggestions.


Many years ago, in London, I went into this food store with a grill behind the counter. A disabled young man was learning to fry eggs. His manager patiently showed him how to clean, prepare the grill, break the egg (no shells and no broken yolk), and use a spatula to position it on the plate… A few days later, I returned, and he was doing a perfect job. One by one, he’d mastered the cooking steps and was autonomous.

Go fry an egg and break down all the steps. If you have a young child, watch, guide, envision, and see the detailed steps to make scrambled, 3-minute or hard-boiled eggs and how to peel them, then move on to an omelet, eggs Benedict. Every kid and adult should know such basics.

  1. Purpose (Chapter 15)

All five areas of consciousness are essential, and the first step must be taken for each of them. But five steps can already be distressing, which we want to avoid. We don’t organize life in one discussion. Let’s focus on one aspect, and I suggest it be Purpose in Life. I think it’s easier to define because it’s pragmatic, and the physical tools for its accomplishment are easier to come by. Map it out. Your kids will love the experience, especially eating the results of their labor, they’ll have a purpose. Map this out for all five areas of consciousness, but go molo-molo, slowly and delicately, at their pace, not yours.

Usually, a person’s purpose depends on their talents, skill level, and particularly their likes and dislikes. If all those criteria line up, then you get a direction. It’s good to have a medium-term objective in mind so the mentee can see how the first and intermediary steps lead to a bigger feasible goal. The slightest movement to the destination activates the neurotransmitters that reduce anxiety and depression. Once an individual embarks on regular steps, no matter how minute, their mental health takes an upswing.

With Purpose orientation, we can get immediate measurable and positive results which is a wonderful encouragement. Here is a non-exhaustive list of general ideas to narrow down to those first few steps.


  • Mastery of space: clean up; organize a drawer, cupboard, room, all the way up to a factory or office; it depends on the capacity and state of the individual
  • Learn a subject or skill, enhance a talent they’ve always been intrigued by. Get one fact, move, and add more. Coaching might be necessary
  • Let their creativity, physical or mental, begin to simmer. Help their imagination to flow. Just so long as it’s legal and edifying. Compose stories, drawing, pottery, and many other endeavors

Remember, you might have to develop the how-to step-by-step for yourself or with the person. Ask them how they will proceed; their method to get from A to Z. Let’s be sure they’re equipped to reach the goal.

Proverbs 14:23 In all labor there is profit (mental health is a benefit): But the talk of the lips tend only to penury (staying tied to the mooring doesn’t get you anywhere).

Psychology shows us: Benefits of cooking on mental health. Why eggs with a recipe?

Quote: You don’t have to see the whole staircase; just take the first step.

Five fundamental aspects of consciousness

And the practical everyday application by the mind. Choose where to take the one little step forward among these characteristics and plan the way.

  1. Purpose – Chapter 15

Nature of Humans, Consciousness & Mind, Space-Time, Creativity, Imagination, Learning, Choices, Growth Mindset, Facing Challenges, Rule Life Responsibly.

  1. Function – 16

Two-faced Humanity, Free Will, Behavior, Ethics, Justice, Self-Reproach, Forgiveness.

  1. Socialization – 17

Human Society, Unique Individuals, Gender Equality, Bride and Groom, Couple Relationship, Marriage, Family, Parenting, Extended family, Ethnicity, Nations, Languages, Globalization.

  1. Rulership – 18

Human Government, Governance Structure, Government for the People, Human Needs, Inner Peace, Peace of Mind, National and Individual Prosperity, History of Individuals and Nations, Individual Rights vs. Collective Rights, Peace, Government Organization, Best Form of Government.

  1. Reasoning – 19

Observation-Intuition, Philosophy, Science, Religion, Theology.

The COMPASS is simply a tool to establish the now-steps to help individuals be comfortable with themselves and society through proper purpose, conduct, socialization, management, and reasoning.

What goal are you aiming for in the next hour? Today? This month? For your life? As long as the purpose, socialization, rulership, reasoning, and how you function to reach your destination are biblical and legal, follow the COMPASS and go for it.


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